Palacio Arzobispal de Lima, Plaza Mayor, Lima, Peru

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Palacio Arzobispal is the Archbishop's Palace of Lima, Peru, located near the cathedral on the Plaza Mayor square.

It was build originally in the 16th century shortly after the foundation of the city in 1535, probably around the year1548.

The building was modified over the years a lot of times, at that time period it featured 6 balconies in different styles each, and the coat of arms of the archdiocese of lima above the main gate, which also featured a tall flag pole.The building was two floors tall and also featured a courtyard, right next to the building is the tabernacle church (Iglesia del Sagrario).

In the early 20th century the old building was demolished due to damage and was rebuilt by polish architect ricardo de jaxa malachowski. The current building is built in spanish colonial revival style, and features two wooden balconies.

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