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~The end of hybrids~

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Before the light was a real thing, when hope was something that did not exist, there was only darkness over all things that there were.That, until the gods, came by and seeing darkness overwhelm, all the worlds in that realm, they all shouted as one "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"

And so there was.The darkness cowered before the light of the gods and dissipated, now only allowed to come at night.

But something was still missing from the world...

Something very important...

And that was...


We were missing life!

How could we have been so blind?"

And so they have created the Tree of Life, that made the world thrive.Beings covered the whole land, and happiness has overwhelmed.

But after thousands of years, the Gods became bored.Tired of this world.SO what did they do?

Well, I'll tell you...they have locked the Tree of Life away and have made a new one...a tree that would breed hybrid!

Now isn't that fun?

Well, maybe for the gods and hybrids, but not for the beings as hybrids soon took over the world.And so the world descended into chaos and the gods and opposed the decision of making the new tree and locking away the old one were banished into other dimensions and there they would be locked away in a magical prison.

The world remained in chaos until a special hybrid has been born, one more powerful than them all.This one hybrid had a kind heart and felt pity for the humans.He did not try to save them though until he found out about the deeds of the gods.Knowing what they have done, made him furious.He wanted to make justice amongst species.So he started on a quest to destroy the Hybrid Tree of Life.

And so he travelled, day and night, searching for the Second Tree of Life.But one night he dreamt of a God, shackled in chains, in the End, the home of Ender and Mysticism.But now, that he takes a closer look he notices that the God is not actually a God, but in reality, it was...a Goddess?

How could it be?

A Goddess?

It has not been spoken about a Goddess in any story of any kind.It didn't make any sense and though it seemed as She was calling out to him.He approached cautiously but realized that he did not have any control of his body anymore.What was happening?

And then he heard a whisper.Whispered by the Goddess:

"Watch out for the Travelling star"

And then he wakes up.

Was that really a dream?

A premonition?

Or maybe a message?

He didn't know.But he had a feeling that he had to find the travelling star.

So he continued his journey for 34 days until one night, when a star shot down from the sky.The star was little.Very very little.And it was energetic.Was it sentient?

Most likely and he knew that the little star was the travelling star that the Goddes spoke of.So he followed it.His journey lasted another year but in the end...he has finally made it.The tree was there.Hybrids were guarding the tree and its cocoons.

It was the moment of truth.This was it.Time.Time to bring justice and destroy the Tree.And so it began.He fired his weapons, already damaging the tree.The hybrids noticed instantly and rallied to the tree.He also hit one of the hybrids at the first wave of attacks and he had more than enough weaponry to keep the hybrids at bay.Then he saw the Travelling star hover over the top of the tree.It seemed an awfully weird tree top.And then he saw the crystal.The crystal from the stories.It is said that it powers both the tree as well as the prisons of the banished gods.

One fire charge fired at the crystal.The tree got on fire and parts of it got destroyed but the crystal remained intact.Then he fired his missile at it.Still nothing.Only the laser remained as hope to destroy it.He fired his beam of laser but it was just not enough.Firing his weapons at the crystal made him more vulnerable to the other hybrids but he was still holding.He had one more chance to destroy the crystal.He fired all his weaponry at the hybrids wounding them and temporarily making them go unconscious.Now it was his chance.He jumped up the tree near the crystal.He fired all his weaponry and pulled as hard as he could of the crystal.

At that moment, when he was so close to destroying the crystal he thought about all the hybrids in the world, all the humans that were helpless and all the villages he saved from the grasp of the hybrids.He thought about his dream and all the shackled gods that counted on him.He put all his thoughts hope and might in one last pull and then...a miracle.The crystal Popped out of the tree and went inactive in his hand.The ground trembled and he fell off the tree.The skies cleared and birds sang.The tree fell and the sun began to shine brighter than ever.Finally, the banished gods descended from the skies in front of our hybrid.They were smiling kindly.ne of them walked forward towards him.It was the Goddess dressed in white and purple.

"Thank you.You have done the world a great service.Step forward."

He stepped forwards astonished by the presence of all those celestial beings.

"You have freed us and for that we are grateful.You were just like any other hybrid and yet you have shown sympathy to humans.You have embarked on a quest of no return even if you didn't have to and against all odds, you have destroyed the corrupted crystal of the Hybrid Breeding Tree.A crystal that could be destroyed only by the purest of heart.We are in great debt to you and we are honored to name you our champion."


" 'Giggles'.We understand that you have many questions but we have a lot to do.We all have some things to...discuss, with the other Gods.The old Tree of Life will be put right back in function.Until next time, stay safe"

And so, the banished Gods, that were not that banished anymore, ascended to heaven, as for our hybrid, he was happily accepted by the humans after all he has done for them.And so peace has been restored to the world by none other than...a hybrid

Hope the story didn't bore you guys.And...uhhhhh...maybe you want to try the little Easter Egg in the story...A little hint: Hope is almost lost for us fans.

P.S: This took around 10-15 hours to make, no mod aids...also the story got deleted once because my PC shut down as I was writing and I had to write all of it again.
Progress100% complete

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