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Project Castality

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How to find on server: /c2, /p h lukz2cool

avatar lukz2cool
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Wow, it's been 2 years?!?!
It's your old pal Lukz back from retirement, kinda.
These past couple years I took a small break to focus on completing high school, and boy has it been a ride.
I'll spare details, but basically now that high school is starting to come to a close, I can start making some more side projects
again (Yay!)

I humbly introduce you to...
My most recent build project, Project Castality, has finally been completed. Some backstory here, when I first started out I played on a humble creative server, and on that server I started a build project way too ambitious for my younger self to ever hope to complete, it took a month to even get some sort of layout done, and after that it was deserted.
I picked it back up a long while later, and I finished pretty much the entire build in a couple weeks, making only slight alterations past that.

Project Castality
Project Castality is an ambitious castle project, with slow beginnings, and amazing finishes. So many memories and experiences come from this build, so it lies close to my heart to this day.

- 2 Guard towers either corner of the front of the plot.
- 1 Defensive wall with a large gate featured at the centre.
- 4 small settlements, each different in style and placement;
This settlement sits at the castles entrance, being a first line of defense for the build, hence the name 'Guardash'. The inhabitants are fairly kind despite the barbaric name assigned to them and their settlement. The settlement features markets, varying houses, and shows off a basic but effective build style.
This settlement lines the right side of the castle. Due to differences in opinions about the leaders, some inhabitants from all the towns deserted, and lived their lives hidden away, hence 'Deseaht'. The inhabitants of this settlement don't last long due to lack of protection, and lack of form with the settlement itself. The settlement consists of no more than a few basic markets and small camp sites which could hardly be called livable. The inhabitants manage to survive by scavenging and fishing from the nearby pond, which the other settlements rarely bother with due to a popular modern import-export system.
This settlement lies at the back of the castle, gaining the name 'Luraker'. The settlement is essentially a farm, aiding in the import-export scheme and trading invaluable food sources. Despite the inhabitants good intentions and goals, they are very rude and blunt in their speech, which can often lead to brawls near the small river alongside the mountain base.
This settlement is built upon the castle itself with lovely mansions and sprawling docks. This is the central import-export centre for the castle, having beautiful airships come and go.
- 1 central clock placed on a bridge
- 3 large towers
- 3 Waterfalls, 2 minor, 1 major
- 2 central bridges
- 4 airships

*If anyone wants to make a genuine fictional story set within' this world, feel free. Just give yours truly some credit ;)
*Special thanks to a couple friends of mine for help with the build, xSansGamesx for helping out with the house layouts and interior decorations, and WEEB_BOT_42 for help with the pond, waterfall, and decorations for the water areas.
*I based this build on Clockwork Isle by Lynchyinc, I essentially wanted to scale their build down and add and remove some features, check his build out here because it's awesome ;) https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/clockwork-isle/
*Recommended resource pack is the servers provided one, Edawg878, as that is what the build was made in.
*Recommended shaders is Sildmurs Shaders, it's what I took the ingame screenshots with ;)
CreditxSansGamesx, WEEB_BOT_42, Lynchinc
Progress100% complete

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