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Puzzle At Will (v1.0) - a 4 Player Puzzle/Adventure Map

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Simplistics's Avatar Simplistics
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
Puzzle At Will (v1.0) - a 4 Player Puzzle/Adventure Map Minecraft Map

Puzzle At Will (v1.0) - a 4 Player Puzzle/Adventure Map Minecraft Map
Minecraft Version 1.9: http://bit.ly/29BGchr
Minecraft Version 1.10: COMING SOON

Puzzle At Will (v1.0) - a 4 Player Puzzle/Adventure Map Minecraft Map
All Versions: http://bit.ly/29BGchr

Have friends but no server? No worries!Finally found a group of 4 to play with but realize you need a server? No problem! Just head to this server host, wait for your server queue, upload the map and voila!

Puzzle at Will is a 4 player puzzle/adventure map made by VentexGaming. Follow the stories of 4 ordinary people who fall into the hands of an evil man driven by darkness. As you navigate through the hallways you notice you are being monitored;every conversation, every breath, and every move. Uncover the mystery of the man in the darkness as you puzzle at will.

Downloading the resource pack is a must. Make sure to have your sounds adjusted according to the signs at the spawn hub or the Must Read section below.

This map took much longer than expected since this is our first of hopefully many other maps to come. We would love to see your Let's Plays, so please reply so I can add it to the Let's Play section! Since we are new to the map making community, all feedback/comments will be greatly appreciated. If you discovered any bugs please let us know in the comments, and any constructive feedback will also be appreciated.

  • Over 7 branches of well thought out puzzles.
  • Custom RPG music by Darren Curtis.
  • Experience a story rich plot-line.
  • Special voice-acting.
  • Unique boss battle.
  • About 3-4 hours of gameplay.

Recording "Let's Play's" are welcomed, as long as you show the ending credits at some point in your series. Also give the link to this thread and credit "VentexGaming" in your Youtube descriptions.

This Map Runs on Minecraft 1.9 (Maybe for now) May run on 1.10, but we haven't tested that yet. Will confirm in the future.

  • Master Volume: 50%
  • Music: OFF
  • Weather: OFF
  • Players: 30%
  • Jukebox/Noteblocks: 50%
Everything else can be adjusted to your liking.

Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - Out of Beta! : by Simplistics 07/13/2016 9:05:36 pmJul 13th, 2016

Hello everyone! We hosted our last testing of the map and cleaned up any bugs we got from them. So that means we are out of Beta and can say that the map has been officially released! In addition to that, we also tested the map in 1.10 and have some stuff to change up for our 1.10 version, should be out very soon! :) If you still encounter any bugs, please comment here.
As always, feedback and comments are always appreciated! Thanks! ;)

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07/13/2016 9:12 pm
Level 49 : Master Fox
Orbiter's Avatar
Very nice! c:
07/14/2016 3:20 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
Simplistics's Avatar
Thank you very much! It means a lot to us since we put in months of effort into this! :)
07/14/2016 3:21 pm
Level 49 : Master Fox
Orbiter's Avatar
No problem, keep at it! ^^
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