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Redstone Citadelle

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    Last updated 02/22/19
    Posted 10/29/2012
    by Flexo013
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.12.2
avatar WingPiing
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer

This project is a group effort to create a large castle and city in a general medieval style.

The City has:
-A small, open-air market when you enter.
-A few detailed houses.
-A gatehouse.
Not much else right now (It's a big WIP)

The Fort/Citadel has:
-A heavily layered layout of defensive walls leading through 7 gatehouses.(Inspired by Hochosterwitz Castle)
-Access between all the walls to and from each level.
-Working gates that can be toggled with levers.
-A main barracks near the top of the defenses.

-Massive stone walls defending the Keep.
-A few small buildings in the defenses for key people, including a brewery...
-A light tower that can be ignited in the event of an attack. (Inspired by LOTR)

The Redstone Mine has:
-Ancient Dwemer ruins sprinkled in, including a main access arch by the water.
-Large caverns filled with redstone ore.
-Rail connections throughout the mine system.
-Connections to the uppermost layer of walls above ground.
-Mineshafts leading to the depths of the world.

It was started in August 2018.
It will be worked on in the foreseeable future: look for more updates later.

Leave any ideas on what could be added down below. There is plenty of room for new ideas as we continue to build! Your idea could be added.
This is built in the Creative Community Building world, Cyfra, on play.polygoncraft.net (version 1.12.2)
CreditDarkw0lf, KazzamPsycho, eppikiggy1, BRASHEXODUS, iOutlast, Yoshi57, MC__Overlord
Progress15% complete

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