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Sacred Springs survival world

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IndiaHawker's Avatar IndiaHawker
Level 18 : Journeyman Artist
This is my current survival world, feel free to have a look around and explore however you wish! Currently about six months old and taking it slow and steady - still haven't completed the main things like beating the Ender Dragon/Wither - so hopefully you will follow me on my journey!

Check out the update logs for an overview of the progress so far, or for a more in-depth record, visit my thread to catch up on the journey so far... please subscribe if you wish to stay updated as this is an ongoing project!

Currently playing in 1.10.2, until my mods are all updated.

I've added a photo with the mods I'm currently using - although the only ones you should currently need to view this world properly are:

- Biomes o' Plenty
- Better Bedrock Gen
- Quark

Other mod links:

- AromaBackup (requires Aroma1997Core)
- BetterFps
- FastLeafDecay
- Optifine
- Xaero's Minimap
- Xaero's World Map
- Chimneys
- Redstone Paste
- Moar Signs
Progress50% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by IndiaHawker 12/28/2016 8:15:15 pmDec 28th, 2016

Lots of overall improvements! Worked on the main bridge system in front of my house, it's now supported by a more aesthetically-pleasing brick and oak log arch design. Slightly moved the position of the enchanting tower as it was bugging me, and made it a lot taller. Kind of failed to design my own multi-mob xp and item farm, hence the useless structure in front of my house - going back to that one later! Created an awesome blaze xp farm in the Nether using a tutorial. Started nether rail system. Finally reached the end, although still have yet to actually kill the dragon. Had a few encounters with skeleton traps so I now have a handful of skeleton horses as well as my normal horses. Improved bridge over railway to the north of my house. Created southern bridge off of orchard area, leading to cave spider spawner. Added a few new mods: Chimneys, Redstone Paste, and Moar Signs. Also explored a load more area - waiting until all my mods are updated to 1.11 to explore past my rectangular area. Possibly some other minor improvements as well!

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