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Sacrificial adventure

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avatar snorlax3d
Level 38 : Artisan Nerd
This is a brand new challenge map made by me!

After your plane crashed in the ocean you seem to have miraculously survived! You think that this must be proof of a presence of a protecting god of yours. Therefore you build an altar to this god and start living your new life on a random island, sacrificing to whatever your saver is.

When you spawn you will see a well with lava.This is your altar. The basic rule of this challenge is that you may sacrifice items by dropping them in the well. From sacrificing you earn points (for the different values of blocks and items read under Values). The challenge continues until you die. Then post your score in the comment section and brag to your friends!

Coal: 1 point
Iron: 3 points
Gold: 5 points
Diamond: 50 points
Obsidian: 75 points
Dragon egg: 10,000 points

Of course, no mods and x-rays are allowed!

Download the Mcedit schematic. THIS IS NOT A SCHEMATIC IT IS THE SAVE FILE!
Progress100% complete
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