Skull Base Entrance/Free-Standing Shop

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avatar Jupitess
Level 28 : Expert Pixel Puncher
This build is replicated off the Minecraft Earth Skull, i think it would look great embedded into a mountain side as a base entrance or even a free-standing shop if you play on servers!

Schematic included for Aothen and anyone else who would like to use :)
Progress100% complete

10/28/2020 7:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey, I really like your build, and I would like to adapt it to use it as the killspot in my iron farm! Could you upload a schematic of it?

Looks awessome btw
10/28/2020 7:55 am
Level 28 : Expert Pixel Puncher
thank you so much, and sure! i'll get on with that now :D
10/25/2020 3:39 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
I like how you used iron bars to give it more shape and texture. The way you used stairs to give the nasal opening more shape is on point. A nasal septum would've given it a more menacing look IMHO but it has an even width. Still... I love it!

Polished diorite is one of the best textures in minecraft, the beveled edge lines get in the way of some builds though but it works with this.

BTW, this isn't marked for the Spooktober Community Event, is this intentional? You're allowed 5 submissions AFAIK.
10/25/2020 5:55 pm
Level 28 : Expert Pixel Puncher
thank you so much! i think i will revise this build and come back to it maybe building on a grander scale or tucked into a mountain-side as a base entrance, and i love the idea for a nasal septum!

i intentionally didn’t mark this for the Spooktober Event as it’s heavily inspired by the Minecraft Earth skull, but i’ll be uploading some original Halloween builds to the Event- although the competition is pretty intimidating!
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