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Vanilla Skyblock Improved

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HandsomeRandy avatar HandsomeRandy
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
This is my updated version of Skyblock, for 1.16. I created an expanded perimeter larger than what I've seen in other skyblock maps (1k+ void in all directions). This map has a plains biome as the spawn area, and has access to numerous biomes with specific conditions such as Jungles, Taiga, Warm Ocean, Swamp (w/Witch Hut), Flower Forest and more. It has included a number of unobtainable items sometimes missing from skyblock maps, including Cocoa beans, netherwart, and both types of nylium. It also has all 5 Nether biomes included inside the nether perimeter. This was a personal project to expand on existing skyblock maps and open up opportunities for technical play that might require access to these biomes, and I opted to share online.

Otherwise, it is a classic Skyblock map and has 1 starting grass island, 1 sand island, 1 end portal island, and 1 nether island with both crimson and warped nylium. Materials included in chests are:

2 Blocks of Ice
1 Bucket of Lava
10 Obsidian
1 Melon Slice
1 Pumpkin Seed
1 Cocoa Bean
1 Nether Wart
1 Sugarcane
1 Bamboo

Additonally, there are 4 mob spawners:
1 Guardian
1 Blaze
1 Wither Skeleton
1 Silverfish (included in end portal island)

This map doesn't include any commands, and is intended to be a vanilla experience. You will need to rely on the wandering trader, villagers, obscure game mechanics, and creative thinking to get blocks and items you don't start with. Even then, some blocks will never be renewable (conserve your netherrack wisely). Good luck and have fun!
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