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Sonic The Hedgehog Giant Stage Map! !RELEASE 1.0! (80%COMPLETE!) !!MODDED!!

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Maxygamerpt's Avatar Maxygamerpt
Level 30 : Artisan Miner
After more than a year of hard work, my very first public Minecraft map has been released!

Sonic The Hedgehog Giant Stage Map !RELEASE 1.0!

This map is purely based on speed! with some platforming sections as well! It contains 3 different sections! Starting of with GREEN HILL (of course) And 2 other sections included as well! As well as a secret in one of the sections! So watch out for any hidden passages!

This map is 80% complete, the map itself is done, but the 20% remaining part of the map is a little secret that I'm sure you'll all love!

This secret will be released in the next update, so that means VERSION 2.0! The complete version! ( HINT : you must have all the chaos emeralds in order to be able to play the secret! )

I Hope you all like my map! So GOTTA GO FAST!

PS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED THE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOD FOR MINECRAFT 1.7.10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Progress80% complete

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12/02/2017 6:33 am
Level 30 : Artisan Miner
Maxygamerpt's Avatar
ATTENTION! IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A VIDEO ON MY MAP YOU MUST CREDIT ME! I WILL NOT HESITATE TO REPORT PEOPLE YOU DON'T CREDIT ME, AND DON'T SAY THAT THIS IS YOU OWN WORK, but i assume you already knew that already! (PS. and warn me if your going to do a video on my map) thnx
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