Star Trek Naasicaan Fighter (zeppelin mod compatible)

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avatar blibbob
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I've created the Naasicaan fighter from star trek TNG, i'm not 100% sure when it appears but i do believe it is canon. For anybody who isn't 100% sure what a naasicaan is, or when it appeared, watch TNG Tapestry. Jean luc picard was once stabbed through the heart by a naasicaan as a side note, this happened over an argument about a game that both parties had cheated in.

Anyhow, this fighter has room for one person in the cockpit, which is accessible via a roof hatch, which in turn is accessible by ladders. The fighter works with zeppelin mod as mentioned.

Also on a secondary note, some of you may have noticed I've not released a shuttle in a bit, there's a good reason for this as what will hopefully be a project i'm releasing soon, has been the brunt of what I've been doing, that project won't be zeppelin mod compatible for a very good reason, which you will find out upon it's release. Enjoy the fighter :)
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