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Star Wars - Arquitens Class Light Cruiser

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The Arquitens Class Command Cruiser was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards for the Imperial Navy, initially entering service as a reworking of the Arquitens Class Light Cruiser which had served with the Republic Navy. The multipurpose light cruiser design served in a variety on roles, protecting remote Imperial assets, performing detached patrol duties in the Outer Rim Territories, acting as support to larger battle groups, serving as an armed transport, and as a communications ship. Measuring 325 meters in length, the command cruiser had several subtle updates in its design despite appearing to be a simple repaint of its predecessor; in reality they shared few characteristics besides the basic hull shape—kite-shaped hulls with two forward spars—and the class name. Structural changes included an enclosed horizontal housing on the three powerful main engines, as well as the shape of its bridge tower. The Republic variant's side-mounted turbolaser batteries were removed and replaced with eight escape pods, and lateral entry ways near the bow allowed the deployment of Imperial jumptroopers. The vessels also featured a detention block. The Arquitens Class is a much needed ship that fills the gap between the overpowered Imperial Class Star Destroyers where deploying such a vessel would be overkill, and the small combat-limited Gozanti Class Escort Cruisers that could barely hold their own in a capital ship-oriented firefight.

This ship was built on the Galactic Craft Minecraft server, and some design aspects with this build may differ from that of official designs. My goal with this project was to favor functionality over screen accuracy, but I tried my best not to compromise the basic look of the ship.

This vessel will not be available for download.
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