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Galactic Craft 1.15.2 - Movecraft - Multiple Planets - Factions - Creative Plots - Quests - Guns - Ship Battles

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Galactic Craft avatar Galactic Craft
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Galactic Craft 1.15.2 - Movecraft - Multiple Planets - Factions - Creative Plots - Quests - Guns - Ship Battles
Status Online! Pinged: 05/15/21
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.15.2
[Galactic Craft] Flyable Ships, Laser Cannons, Creative Plots, Quests, Planets, and Factions!
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Galactic Craft is a server that was established in 2014 as a Realm. Since then, we've grown into a larger community. You can have flyable ships, guns, PVP players, Creative Plots, go on quests, fight against custom mobs, and more! The server is primarily factions, but you have to be smart about what you do. We hope to see you soon! We wish to see larger battles with you taking part in them! Join at galacticcraft.servernux.com
Here's a list of what we have!

+Custom Guns!
+Custom Plugins!
+Custom Events!
+Custom Heads!
+Flyable spaceships, boats, and submarines!
+Custom Resource Pack!
+Unique Ranks!
+Creative plots!

For ground combat weapons, we're using the Crackshot plugin. Here is the list of blasters and weapons we have!

+E-11 Blaster
+DH-17 Blaster
+DL-44 Blaster Pistol
+TL-50 Heavy Repeater
+DC-15 Blaster Rifle
+DC-15A Blaster
+T-21 Blaster Rifle
+DL-18 Blaster Pistol
+E-5 Blaster
+SE-14C Blaster Pistol
+DLT-19 Blaster Rifle
+RT-97C Blaster Rifle
+EE-3 Blaster Rifle
+EE-4 Blaster
+DLT-19X Blaster Sniper
+CJ-9 Bo Rifle
+MPL-57 Barrage Launcher
+Thermal Imploder
+Sonic Imploder
+Flash Grenade
+Impact Grenade
+X-8 Night Sniper
+E-5C Blaster Rifle
+DC-17 Blaster Pistol
+E-5S Blaster Sniper
+F-11D Blaster
+FWMB-10 Blaster Rifle
+SE-44C Blaster Pistol
+Valken 38X Blaster Sniper
For ship gameplay, we're using Eirikh1996's Movecraft fork for 1.13+. There's a variety of ship types you can build and fly! You can wage wars in these ships, transport passengers or cargo, and even take them to space!

+Speeder: A small ship class used to fly around at normal speeds. Unlike all other craft types, they don't require any fuel so it's good to have one if you're just starting out. Also unlike all other vehicle types (except for Boats and Submarines), Speeders are unable to travel to and operate within the vacuum of space, but are faster than all other ship types except for Interceptors.

+Interceptor: The second smallest ship class on the server. Interceptors are adept at fast-paced hit and run tactics and getting to places extremely quickly. Interceptors can match speed with a Speeder.

+Fighter: A ship type about the same or slightly bigger than Speeders. These are typically stronger than Speeders, but can't move as fast as Speeders and they require fuel. Typically good for a crew of one to three people, and also good for one on one fighting against ships of the same class or assault missions.

+Bomber: Bombers are stronger, slower versions of Fighters. These ships have an extra capacity for bombs, torpedoes, and missiles. These ships are best suited for attacking large capital ships from a distance and taking on enemy strike craft in a support role.

+Corvette: Corvettes are moderately sized ships that are best suited for medium-range recon roles and anti-fighter support. These ships can match speeds with a Fighter, but are only slightly faster than Bombers at cruising speed.

+Frigate: This ship class is slightly bigger and sturdier than the Corvette, but are moderately slower. This class of ship is typically used as a mobile residence or long-range transports. The Frigate is a balance between the sturdiness of a Destroyer and the reliability of a Corvette.

+Destroyer: The Destroyer is a larger, heavily armored version of the Frigate. It can take 5% more damage while matching the speed of a Frigate. These ships are generally used as long range recon, anti-frigate, and anti-corvette ships.

+Cruiser: Cruisers are mainline capital ships typically good for larger factions. These ships are larger and require more fuel than smaller ships, and are generally used as command ships or heavy transports. That being said, they're also slower than smaller ships.

+Battleship: Like Destroyers, this class of ship is the armored equivalent of the Cruiser class. Battleships can take 5% more damage than Cruisers, but sacrifice speed for armor. These are typically used as heavy cruisers and mobile weapons platforms.

+Carrier: Carriers are larger than Cruisers and Battleships, but have armor equivalent to that of a Frigate or Destroyer. These massive ships are rare and are generally used as mobile cities or platforms used to carry and launch smaller ships such as Fighters and Speeders. These can also be used as command ships, and it's recommended to keep these ships out of the line of fire and behind friendly lines. Their main advantage would be the ability to carry tons of smaller strike craft.

+Dreadnought: Arguably the strongest ships out there, these massive ships are more armored and deadly than any other. Because of their immense size, they're slower than anything else and require more fuel than any other ship. These ships can serve as carriers, mobile cities, command ships, or heavy assault ships.

+Boat: Boats are the aquatic equivalent of Fighters and Speeders. They don't require any fuel and can be as large as a Cruiser, but they can't fly or submerge under water. These vessels are generally best used as a transport for ground personnel or tactical vessels designed to destroy other Boats.

+Submarine: Submarines can be larger than Boats and their ability to submerge underwater makes them excellent stealth vehicles. However, Submarines require fuel and can't use cannons while underwater. These are best used to assault bases that are underwater or destroy vessels of the same class.

On top of these, we have plenty of other things unique to the server! We have shields to protect your ship from damage, custom laser cannons that you can fire at other ships, and faster than light travel to get to places quickly!
Lastly, we have different planets that you can fly to in space. Once you reach the planet, your ship will come with you once you enter the atmosphere! Different planets will have different atmospheres. Here's a list of the planets we have:

+Hoth: A snowy planet with numerous hills. Excellent for camouflaged bases and prison bases.

+Corellia: A planet with multiple biomes such as desert, forest, mountain, jungle, and tundra. This planet is the best as a starter planet due to its numerous resources and friendly environment.

+Tatooine: A desert planet with a few canyons, an oasis, small rivers, and extremely large mountains. Tatooine is one of the best places for base building, as the terrain is extremely flat and open.

+Scarif: A tropical planet made up of 80% water. This planet is excellent for underwater bases and submarines. Scarif also has one large island and another moderately large island for land lovers.

+Dantooine: A planet made up mainly of plains, small hills, and a vast cave system. This planet is similar to that of Tatooine without the cliffs and canyons and Hoth without the snow. Frequent rain and the large flat lands make this planet excellent for farming and mining operations.

+Avalon: This planet is currently home to a hornet's nest of Cylon Centurions. Rumors have it that this planet was where the Cylons launched their first attack from, and was frequently used as a staging ground. Once the Cylons left the general population alone, it was suspected that Avalon was where they had retreated to. Avalon is an extremely hot magma planet with large lava lakes and small lava oceans. Terrain wise, it's similar to that of Hoth and Dantooine.
We hope you decide to join us! If you have trouble joining, please visit our support center on our website! Thanks!
Discord: discord.gg/UAcaZXY

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11/13/2020 3:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EthanLorditch avatar
Amazing server!
10/30/2020 12:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Endy1232 avatar
Awesome server! Great community, staff, and plugins!
08/21/2020 4:10 am
Level 1 : New Network
SkyMcmountain avatar
For the time i played on the server i enjoyed it its a small but loving comity. And you can see when talking to a veteran of the server they really love playing on it.
05/25/2020 11:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
bob360 avatar
problem solved
05/25/2020 5:13 pm
Level 25 : Expert Network
Galactic Craft
Galactic Craft avatar
Consider going to our website, making an account, and asking for help on the forums there if you have any problems.
05/25/2020 11:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
bob360 avatar
ive been playing on this server and i set my spawnpoint on a moving speeder then i died and i cant respawn
04/25/2020 8:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
deeteemenight avatar
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