stormwater adventure map, a xbox 360 map port.

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about 6 years ago a player by the name of hog5kull made a adventure map for the xbox 360 version of minecraft, this map was called stormwater, and I remember watching one of my favorite youtubers at the time, stampylonghead, play through it with his freind Ibalisticsquid. I have ported this map to the current bedrock version and fixed all redstone bugs, as well as added in a few new improvements with commands and updated blocks.

stormwater is a semi open world adventure map set in the realm of stormwater, a world under siege from another world. you will adventure across the land from damp cold prisons, ruins full of undead, bandit camps, and sewers, all in a effort to save your son who has been captured by the "others" a demonic like race that is attacking settlements all across stormwater through massive portals in the sky, and taking hostages back to their world, to do who knows what with. desperate to find your son before its too late, you set off on a grand adventure across the land to find a way to retrieve him.

just a bit of a note, to get the best experience out of the map you will need the skyrim texture pack, though it is perfectly possible to play through it without it, this map is also for minecraft bedrock.
Creditoriginal map made for xbox 360 by hog5kull
Progress100% complete

10/06/2020 9:43 am
Level 31 : Artisan Imposter
fixed a bug where the door to the starting cell could not be picked
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