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Sturmheimr - Sky Viking Hideout

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Antlia's Avatar Antlia
Level 49 : Master Blacksmith
the Home of the Sky Vikings of the White Sea

On the stale and lifeless ices of the White Sea, where the sledlords make a living peacefully with the means of trade,

there are some who decide to live and let others die. Driven by grudge against the Tsardom of the Polar Star that took their homes and the Hundred Houses of Sledlords that didn't give their people aid in their darkest hour, the descendants of ancient native people if the Great North used to keep the whole White Sea under a reign of terror. Their airborn fleets soared the skies and there was not one place that was safe from them in the distance of three months walk.

Now, centuries have passed and their numbers whittle; they're not much more than highwaymen, looking for the weakest travelers on ice to give them enough supplies to make it through next quarter of a moon. Their airboats are old and in weak condition, their weaponry low and outdated in the face of the Tsardom's modern zeppelins laden with cannon turrets and machineguns. Still, a Viking warrior going berserk in close combat is nothing to laugh at, so they can take down a sled or an airship that they manage to board.

Sturmheimr is currently the second largest place that the Vikings can call home, and unarguably the safest. It is situated near the southern coast of the White sea, in a spacious, deep cave. The cave system has three entrances, but only one has to be guarded by the Vikings. They are not the only ones living in Sturmheimr.

The hot, molten crag at the bottom of the cave has lured in a young dragon mother that made it's nest in magma, as her species of dragons do. She lives down there with her cub, who has to eat an absurd amount of meat in a day in order to keep growing. The dragon hunts only animals of the surface, because she knows that while Vikings couldn't match the fury of a fullgrown dragon, they could easily kill her cub. Thus, the dragon and the Vikings have a silent pact that they will not bother each other. Anybody else entering the cave from next to the dragons nest doesn't get to enjoy this kind of treaty.

The other entrance is "guarded" by a much more savage type of creatures. A band of cave trolls, seeking a shelter to rest for a moment in the dark, where their senses are at best, have resided near in the cave for some time. They aren't the kind of creatures you really can talk with, part because they're sinister and part because they're stupid as a goat, so the Vikings just try to keep away and hope that they pose enough of a threat for the trolls that they keep hunting mammoths overground.

The only entrance the Vikings have to take care of themselves is hardly worse protected than the other two. It is rigged with air mines that are hard to spot from up above and is covered with a twin barrel anti-air gun attached to the cave wall. And of course there is always ships in Sturmheimr, ready for a fight.

While living in Sturmheim might sound dangerous and the situation of Vikings dire, it is still much more a place of joy than sorrow. Ships are repaired there, good food is served at the feasthouse and the sauna is kept warm all day (nice place to go if you don't have anything to be ashamed of). You can meet old friends and make new and you can be certain that everybody here is a friend, since the place is really hard to stumble upon accidentally.


So, this is my entry for the Caved In Project Contest. I wasn't going to enter after one day when I was out in town I just got this vision of a Viking airship. The ships we're the most interesting part of the project, I had many more ideas for them but couldn't fit all. Built by sacrificing two whole days and many evenings I'd wager on ~30 hrs. I had the default texturepack on the whole time, but after finishing I noticed that it looks quite snazzy on John Smith too.


Want to know more about the ships currently at Sturmheimr?

Ship info

The Harpy

The Harpy is a fearsome close combat ship, it's main weaponry being an axe beneath it that can be swung from the deck. Ideal for hunting mammoths and airships. The horns on the balloon are more than just reminders of an old legend, they protect the balloon from attacks coming from above. A grappling hook is kept on board at all times.


The Lazy Dragon

This is the oldest ship in Sturmheimr right now, and differs from others in the way that it has a cargo hold. It is slow and cumbersome and steered in the most ancient way possible, rowing, but it can carry many warriors in the fight in one go and making a boarding operation a potent possibility.


Thor's Pocket Hammer

This ship has the most modern weapon the Vikings have their hands on - a machinegun. Though the ammunition is scarce and hard to make and the weapon overheats easily, it can shred a lighter ship to pieces in moments and seriously harm a bigger one.


The Blue Swan

This old, masterfully crafted joyboat turned into one of the fastest airships of the White sea when it was equipped with twin rotors. It can maneuver around bigger ships and do all kinds of sabotage, even if it doesn't have any mounted weapons.


The Thunderjaw

This ugly duckling is nothing to laugh at, since the cannon going through it's front can do some serious damage. The most heavily armed ship in Sturmheimr and the ship that has the highest chance to actually kill a troll in combat.


nameless workboat

What the name suggest. This peasantry boat is used by anyone in need to do everyday tasks, such as moving supplies around.


Additional Notes

this section keeps getting all kinds of problems, don't know why.

Here is a save with all the ships in the project. Use them at will as long as credit is given.
CreditJyoda helped with voxelsniping, trolling and telling me (often) when something needed to be improved)
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by Antlia 12/31/2012 3:46:23 amDec 31st, 2012

Fixed image captions. Couldn't just update them, had to reupload every picture.

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02/16/2013 12:19 pm
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01/27/2013 3:14 am
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Wow. This blew me away. very nice :O

I was never good at airships... lol makes me jealous
01/16/2013 4:12 am
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OK! I am definitely doing a cinematic on this!
01/08/2013 7:44 pm
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Now this is something. Amazing work with the ships, I love them. The blue swan is my favourite :)
And that image of the sauna is just awesome :D
01/01/2013 8:32 am
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Please make a tutorial on how to make the airships. Looks SO AWESOME <3
12/31/2012 6:42 am
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AWESOME! Just plain awesome.
Pancake slayer
12/31/2012 6:23 am
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Dat shit cray
12/30/2012 10:28 pm
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asfjhaoiadihosfdhufwebhkwefhuifsdhuiw I LOVE IT!
12/30/2012 7:52 pm
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Awesome fleet of airships!
12/30/2012 5:36 pm
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Get a life!
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