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Survive by Waiting

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SuperJanNL--Tijd4Jan avatar SuperJanNL--Tijd4Jan
Level 24 : Expert Crafter
This is a map for Minecraft 1.13.2

You will spawn on an island with gravel, water, grass, mobspawners and a number of generators. You will automaticly get supplies for survival.
Mob spawners will spawn 4 passive mobs(cows, pigs, chickens and sheep), 4 hostile mobs(zombies, skeletons, creepers and spiders) and 3 nether mobs(blazes, wither skeletons and magma cubes).
There are achievements that will give you rewards after completion.

Important for playing:
  • Cheats are enabled (you can cheat if necessary)
  • If you won't get any more wood, cobblestone, iron etc., you can push the button on the red concrete. That will fix the problem
  • It is possible to go to the nether, but not to The End
  • Achievements can only be completed once
  • Two players may break the map (but I was to lazy to find out)
  • Spawning the Wither is impossible
Progress100% complete

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