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Level 24 : Expert Crafter

Creature Combat

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Welcome to the Creature Combat arena for Minecraft 1.16.5! You can fight against creepers, skeletons and drowned! After two minutes, you'll be sent back from the Arena to the Spawn Area. There are objectives to complete, advancements to achieve and you can choose from many kits. The only thing you'll have to do is to step on the concrete and you can begin! Between versions 1.6 and 2.2, I've deleted a total of 2436 command blocks by using functions. The entire map is powered by 2803 commands.

Game Modes

There are different game modes that you can play. These will include Easy Mode, Hard Mode, Campfire Quest, Crafting Course, Dummy Arena and Kit-Testing Mode. Three game modes can be found in the spawn, the other three can be found in the More Game Modes room. To select a different Creature to fight, you can press a button near the concrete. This will change the style of the entire Arena, Spawn Area and Deathroom.


There are 27 kits available, each with different gear or abilities. 15 of them are locked. If you gain enough experience levels, you can buy them and select them. 24 are in the spawn, 2 can be crafted in Crafting Course. There is one secret kit. You can find it in-game. I should not give you to many spoilers.


In the Spawn Area, there is a shop. You can buy things like potions, speed feathers or other items with experience levels. You can also go to a shop called the Enchanted Shop. In there, you can buy enchanted books to increase the power of your weapons or armor. Last off, there is the Future Updates Room, where you can see what features will or might be added to next updates.


A few creatures will drop Artifacts, like diamonds, emeralds or nether stars. You can convert these items to Levels!


If there is anything you have trouble with, you can press the buttons below the question marks in-game. For any other questions, you can contact me on PlanetMinecraft, Discord or Twitter.

Creature Combat Wiki

There is a wiki for this map, made entirely by me. Everything that is to know about this map can be found on this website:

-SuperJanNL -- Tijd4Jan (We're the same person)
CreditFleruTown, DeadlyRamses, HunterOmega, 4Wonders Server Owner, neorg313, noa_Lovegood, Brampie2003, Twockx, Girly_Gamer33, ConsulHosting
Progress75% complete

20 Update Logs

v2.2 (An Update About Kits) : 03/01/2021 7:17:30 amMar 1st

Creature Combat v2.2


Game Modes

- Added Kit-Testing Mode

--- Allows you to test out the new kits. Available for this update only

- Added a sign to the Dummy Arena


- Added a sound when you won the game

- Added a statistics book to see objective progress

- Added Advanced Statistics when the game ends


- Added 12 new kits

--- These are: 'Blast Challenge', 'Shield', 'Projectile Challenge', 'Skeleton', 'Drowned Pirate', 'Underwater Challenge', 'Drowned', 'Charge Up!', 'Poseidon', 'Life & Death', 'King Midas' and 'Firebreather'

- Added an upgrade for kit info when right-clicking a sign above a kit


- 1.16.5 support

- Improved Spawn Room


Game Modes

- Drowned Easy Mode is now harder

- Drowned Hard Mode is now easier

- Hard Mode TNT special attack is now less intense

- Campfire Quest now shows a red name if you can't play it


- Replaced some advancements for new kits

- Advancements are now shown in chat again when completed

- Objective rewards are nerfed

- Artifact rewards are nerfed

- Drop system has changed; every creature can drop Artifacts, they are just less common


- Changed 12 kits

--- These are: 'Tank', 'Creeper', 'Pro Archer', 'Pro Fighter', 'Archer', 'Fighter', 'Looting', 'Armor of Undying', 'Witch', 'Health', 'Overpowered' and 'SuperNova'


- Removed Kit-Finder Mode entirely

- Removed 2 options: 'Easy Artifacts' and 'Weather'

- Story Mode entrance removed

- Drowned Head display removed

- Removed 9 kits: 'Creeper +', 'Challenge Mode', 'Challenge Mode +', 'Assassin', 'Assassin +', 'Life', 'Death', 'Creator' and 'Witch +'


- Performance upgrades

- "Random" teleportation to the deathroom

- If one player selected a kit, the other player's kit got removed

- Not all players could see titles in Hard Mode

- Armor stands in the Spawn Area were not marked as 'Markers'

- The spamming sword had a problem

- The kit 'Secret' didn't work

- FriendlyFire option didn't work

- Your spawn point didn't change after finishing Dummy Arena

- Campfire Quest didn't work

- Glowing Compass didn't let wither skeletons glow

- The Kill All Creatures Spawn Egg bat lived after creatures died

- If TNT blew you up, the death message read: '{playername} was blown up by Creeper'

- Wither skeleton skull display gave you 'Artefacts', instead of 'Artifacts'

- An old bug was fixed which summoned effect clouds when TNT blew up (see v1.4)

- You could see the message '{playername} has low health' when they died


- Scrapped Story Mode because making this update took 7 months and I'm too tired for this

- Scrapped a reward for drowned heads

- Scrapped a kit called 'Underwater Assassin', which would replace the kit 'Assassin'

- Originally, all kits would be designed for a specific Game Mode

- Advanced Statistics were meant to be an option because it was buggy

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04/15/2020 8:42 pm
Level 24 : Expert Engineer
LegoBr0 avatar
Just played this again, had a bit of fun!
I beat story mode in about an hour.
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