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Creature Combat

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Welcome to Creature Combat for Minecraft 1.20.2! You can fight against creepers, skeletons and drowned. After two minutes, you'll be sent back from the Arena to the Spawn Area. There are objectives to complete, advancements to achieve and you can choose from many kits. The only thing you'll have to do is to step on the concrete and you can begin! The entire map is powered by around 4500 commands!

Game Modes

There are different game modes that you can play. These will include Creeper, Skeleton and Drowned Mode (choose between Easy and Hard Mode) and Player Arena (Multiplayer Only). To select a different Creature to fight, you can press a button near the concrete. This will change the style of the entire Arena, Spawn Area and Deathroom.


There are 27 kits available, each with different gear or abilities. 17 of them are locked. You can get those by finding Kit Keys from creature drops and collecting heads and skulls. There is one other kit you can find whilst playing a game.


In the Spawn Area, there is a shop. You can buy things like potions, speed feathers or other items with experience levels.


If there is anything you have trouble with, you can press the buttons below the question marks in-game. For any other questions, you can contact me on PlanetMinecraft or Discord.

Wiki and older versions

If you're playing on older versions and/or wanted to find some extra information about the map, check out my website with everything you need to know!

-SuperJanNL -- Tijd4Jan (We're the same person)
CreditFide, DeadlyRamses, HunterOmega, 4Wonders Server Owner, neorg313, noanerd, Brampie2003, Twockx, Girly_Gamer33, ConsulHosting, Vamen
Progress85% complete

23 Update Logs

v2.5 (Time For a Cleanup-date) : by Tijd4Jan 10/16/2023 2:58:09 amOct 16th, 2023


v2.5 is the twenty-sixth version of Creature Combat. It adds Player Arena, along with Perfection and the Custom Kit, but also improves a lot of smaller things in the map.


Game Modes

  • Added Player Arena
  • The same as Easy or hard Mode, but the spawn point is set in The Arena and you can fight players


  • Added Perfection
  • Achieved when you've done everything in the map
  • Added Objective 'Get 64 Gunpowder'
  • Added Random Spawns option
  • Added Axe option
  • Added new Potion of Mystery possibilities: cats and Kit Keys
  • Added a bossbar during a game to see progression
  • fireDamage is now set to false when not playing a game

Custom Kit


  • Added Custom Kit ( Perfection 50 )
  • Added a warning when an inventory item is blocking a kit item when selecting a kit.
  • You will now automatically select the corresponding Game Mode Kit when switching Game Modes


  • Added Full Enchant ( 15 ) to the Shop
  • Added Instant Portal ( 5 ) to the Shop
  • Added Safety Membrane ( 100 ) to the Shop
  • Added Lucky Charm ( 100 ) to the Shop
  • Added Toxic Trail ( 75 ) to the Shop


Game Modes

  • Story Mode's setting has been changed slightly
  • It's now about Fedi and you who are gonna playtest Creature Combat after years of cooperation building the map, instead of you being abducted by Fleru and eventually chooses to help
  • One of Story Mode's consoles has been moved
  • Reset Spawn now does something after restarting the back-up in Story Mode
  • FriendlyFire is now set to false in Story Mode Cutscenes
  • It is no longer possible to punch players in Easy or Hard Mode, unless Player Arena is activated


  • Upgrades like status effects, Full Enchant and Challenge Items can now be found above the Easy Mode platform when selected
  • Cool and Crazy Kit Keys can now only appear when your Perfection is at a certain level. For Cool Kit Keys, this is 13. For Crazy Kit Keys, this is 21.
  • The Glowing Compass now works when you shift and you no longer have to hold it in your hand
  • Advanced Statistics now shows seconds instead of ticks
  • Options have been moved to a platform above the Head Display
  • Creeper Head Display and Wither Skeleton Skull Display have been merged
  • Potion effects from the Head Display will now be activated when you start a game
  • You now have to die 10 times for the objective "Die 15 Times"


  • The Splash Potion of Instant Death from Witch is now in another slot
  • You can now sell up to 10 Artifacts at once when you shift-sell them

The renewed Shop


  • The Shop got revamped: prizes have been rebalanced, items are added and removed and there's a division between Game Buffs and Infinite Buffs
  • The Potion of Undying now costs ( 15 )
  • The Potion of Killing now costs ( 15 )
  • The Totem of Undying now costs ( 15 )
  • The KACSE now costs ( 10 )
  • The Speed Feather now costs ( 30 )
  • The Knockback Stick now costs ( 30 )
  • The Glowing Compass now costs ( 30 )
  • Mazes, Challenge Items and Star of Extinction can now be found in the Spawn Area and can be unlocked using Colossal Keys
  • Shop and Artifact items will now be displayed as Display Entities


  • The Mini Deathroom is now in the renewed Creeper Mode style
  • The Arena floor has been changed slightly
  • The Spawn Area has been changed from the outside: there are now pillars, the Creature Combat logo can be seen and the space under the Spawn Area has been hollowed out


  • The map now runs on 1.20.2
  • Buildings have been moved and placed closer to each other for the future Creature Combat prequel map: Campfire Quest
  • The information button has been moved and now has the correct information again, along with a download link for the resource pack


Game Modes

  • Removed Campfire Quest
  • This will become a prequel spin-off map in the future, where you will build the map with Fedi
  • Removed Skeleton Mode (v1.1-v2.0) portals completely


  • Removed Advanced Mode


  • Removed Random Enchant
  • Removed Golden Apple
  • Removed Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Removed Potion of Invincibility


  • Removed Fleru's Secret Room
  • Removed the Dummy Arena completely
  • Removed Future Updates Room


  • The map became very buggy when a player joined after starting the map
  • You could duplicate kit items by keeping them in the Item Decomposer and reselecting the kit
  • You could take Fleru's clothes off of the armor stand in Story Mode
  • There was no name above the Mode Changer
  • Your spawn point was still set in the Spawn Room until you've started a game
  • Creature Dummies didn't spawn when a game started
  • You were teleported very far away in Story Mode when you'd die of fall damage during one of the last cutscenes
  • Help Buttons at the changelog and the Objectives BOard were shown to players closest to the command blocks, instead of the ones closest to the button
  • Creepers at the end of Story Mode didn't die before exploding
  • You would see the Advanced Statistics twice at the end of most Game Modes. that is now finally fixed!
  • TNT didn't get removed above the maze at the end of the game
  • The KACSE couldn't be placed on top of coarse dirt


  • A proposal of Tigsby to add a Thor Kit
  • Sessions
  • Datapack cleanup

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12/16/2021 2:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Dungeon-Master's Avatar
Hi I cant find the texture pack to download for the game. Could you have a link to that please :)
12/19/2021 1:40 pm
Level 41 : Master Crafter
Tijd4Jan's Avatar
10/18/2021 2:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Olxil's Avatar
04/15/2020 8:42 pm
Level 43 : Master Lego Builder
LegoBr0's Avatar
Just played this again, had a bit of fun!
I beat story mode in about an hour.
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