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Tijd4Jan avatar Tijd4Jan
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
If you want to play more maps sooner, want DEMO's or would like to get updates about more maps, check out the Discord Server right here: https://discord.gg/wYrBKmQ

After Get Out #3, SuperJanNL teleports you and SuperFleurNL to different generated structures. Your job is to get to SuperJanNL's Throne Room. But to get there, you need to solve puzzles and fight mobs. Defeat SuperJanNL while he summons wither clouds, makes the floor turn into lava, makes pillars explode and tries to kill you. SuperFleurNL tries to help you with throwing potions at SuperJanNL.

You can play Get Out #4 as much as you want. The map automatically resets when you play again. There is also a second run with new dialogue, new puzzles and a harder boss fight. You can play alone or with two players. Two players gives you double the loot automatically, so you don't have to share. The boss will also get more health with two players.

There are a few bugs I want to point out:
There is a recap, but it doesn't work optimal in multiplayer
Three players or more will count as two players

It shouldn't be necessary to cheat. It has been tested over 20 times with 5 different people.

I want to give credit to:
They tested the map and gave great feedback!

Thanks for reading!
- Tijd4Jan--SuperJanNL (We're the same person)
CreditSuperFleurNL, FleurDraws, HunterOmega, Joel_master200, Merijn_G
Progress100% complete

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