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Svelthe Music Festival 2022

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DjDukes avatar DjDukes
Level 36 : Artisan Architect

Welcome to Svelthe

Deep inside the desert behind dry hills and large dunes hides the second edition of the Svelthe Music Festival.
Svelthe is one of the most detailed festivals in Minecraft.
It features 6 Stages and 4 Late Night Stages. Late Night Stages are smaller rave spots that open up when the main acts finished their sets and the Festival Stages are closing.
Svelthe also contains multiple Restaurants like the new La Stella Italian Restaurant or the known Greece Restaurant TALANOS.
There are also multiple bars like the Late Night 82 Cocktail Bar and we finally have the VIOLET Bar on the festival grounds too.
Other attractions aside from the party life are the Svelthe Tattoo Shop, the Hair Saloon, the Svelthe Merch Shop, the huge Svelthe Ferris Wheel or the Enchanted Jungle Experience which also contains one of the 4 Late Night Stages.
I hope you enjoy Svelthe Music Festival 2022!

!! This map was built in Minecraft Version 1.18.1, please play this map on this version or higher !!

Festival Floorplan

Svelthe Music Festival 2022 Minecraft Map

Some Insights of the building process

The Mainstage of Svelthe 2022 is the biggest stage I've ever built in Minecraft. It is 53 blocks wide and 24 blocks tall. 6 blocks wider and 3.5 blocks taller than the previous Mainstage. It's fair to say that building and wiring it took me days.
This Mainstage contains a 14 beacon laser show, a 25 second firework barrage, multiple special effects such as 20 flamethrowers, 14 fireworks and a whole bunch of fully animated redstone lamps.
Wiring those took me hours, let me show you a picture of how the circuit of the redstone lamps looks like.
Svelthe Music Festival 2022 Minecraft Map

Every stage now tells you what's going on in the chat when you activate them especially the Mainstage and The Temple. When you activate the lights some stages are so big that it first needs to sync the animations.
I also used my latest redstone techniques. Most of the stages systems are updates to new redstone systems and tricks like the new comparator redstone clock I use. The comparator clock is way better in my eyes since it can go way faster than the torch clock and it doesn't overheat.

There is also one new stage on the festival which is called The Desert. It didn't took me that long to build it since it's the second smallest Festival Stage (when we don't count the Late Night Stages).

The whole festival is fictive and all the names and stages do not exist in real life!

Alright, have fun playing the map!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Fix Update : by DjDukes 11/01/2022 8:31:31 amNov 1st, 2022

- Updated the map to Minecraft Version 1.19.2
- Fixed a lamp that is not working in The Tample

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