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    Hey I'm DjDukes!

    On this account you can find vanilla minecraft stages in best quality with much different cool functions.
    I hope you like my stuff. :)

    Stage index:

    Low-Spec Stages:
    Riga Stage
    Dark Stage

    Normal Sages:
    Arctic Stage
    Nether Stage
    Intermediate Sound Room

    High-End Stages:
    Beam Stage
    Pentum Stage

    Festivals & Nightclubs:
    Katrah Open Air Festival 2015/2016/2017
    Greenridge Nightclub
    Svelthe Music Festival

    X Games Aspen Stage
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      June 4, 2021, 1:49 pm to Public
      Current progress on the new map and more info.

      Here is a sneak peek into the new festival map I'm currently working on. As you can see it takes place in the jungle. There is still a lot to do but many things are already finished like the festival center shown in the picture. Quick reminder that a lot can still change. This is a smaller festival and the size will be maybe half as big as Svelthe. There are three stages and a lot of other attractions such as adventure pathways or tree houses leading to the stages. I don't know when I'm done building but I'll keep you up to date.
      See ya!
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      May 30, 2021, 4:36 am to Public
      New festival map is in progress!

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      January 31, 2021, 9:58 am to Public
      I'm back! well kind of...

      The reason I was gone the last 3-4 years was a massive lack of time due to educational reasons and a game I was developing. I have finished my education and with that a bit more time comes into my hands. I won't be dedicating my whole life to Minecraft again but I'll build on my creations when I have time and the right passion for it. Svelthe Music Festival 2021 is a good start to come back I think.

      What's next?

      I'll dedicate my time more to festivals I think, not to single stages like I did in the past. Next up I'm planning to build a smaller festival with a bit lesser stages but just as magical as Svelthe.

      New edition of Katrah?

      No, not really. Katrah is outdated depending my build style, I would have to fully rebuild it which I'm not really interested in.

      Will Svelthe Music Festival have multiple editions?

      Maybe, would be kinda cool updating Svelthe over the years.
      Don't really know if every festival I build from now on will get new editions every year.

      So don't expect too much stuff from me since I'll build projects when I'm down for it but I'm glad I'm back. See you around!
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      May 31, 2017, 10:23 am to Public
      Hi friends and welcome to this new status update!

      So first, sorry for the less status updates last time. I was a little bit busy. :)

      Let's start with Katrah OAF 2017 download release date!!
      The release date is official now! The Katrah 2017 download link will be released on 6/8/17!
      So the wait is almost over and our loved Minecraft Festival comes back with fire! I will post the project today so take a look on the wonderful pictures of Katrah Open Air Festival 2017! :)

      The Beta Phase
      Some of you guys got the map earlier in the Beta Testing Phase and texted my reviews how they think about the map and the changes. I got pros and cons and I want to thank you for your opinions! :)
      So the Beta Phase has endet yesterday!

      That's it, have a great day! ^^

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      May 16, 2017, 11:40 am to Public
      Hello everyone and let's start straight with this status update!

      Katrah Open Air Festival 2017!
      Katrah 2017 is almost ready I'm currently in the testing phase and I'm also sitting on the trailer. Oh and there is something you might be interested on. I've just released a little teaser for Katrah Open Air Festival 2017 so take a look if you want to. ;)

      Katrah 2017 Beta Phase
      Yes I have not forgotten our loved Katrah Beta Testing Phase which is starting on 5/20/2017 to 5/30/2017. You can send me a message here on Planet Minecraft and I will give you a copy of Katrah 2017 at the beginning of the Beta Phase or while it runs. Please send me a report then if you found any problems on this map.

      Nothing much to tell because I'm very busy at the time checking all functions and making the Trailer.

      Have an awesome day! :)

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