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    Hey I'm DjDukes!

    On this account you can find vanilla Minecraft stages or festivals in best quality with much different cool functions.
    I hope you like my stuff. :)

    All of my creations are built in vanilla Minecraft! I don't use World Edit or any other mods to build! The only mods I use are Optifine or Shaders for the photos.

    Stage index:

    Low-Spec Stages:
    Riga Stage
    Dark Stage

    Normal Sages:
    Arctic Stage
    Nether Stage
    Intermediate Sound Room

    High-End Stages:
    Beam Stage
    Pentum Stage

    Festivals & Nightclubs:
    Katrah Open Air Festival 2015/2016/2017
    Greenridge Nightclub
    Svelthe Music Festival 2021/2022
    Rhelic Forest Festival

    X Games Aspen Stage
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      November 12, 2022, 4:01 pm to Public
      Svelthe Music Festival 2023 is in the making!

      I'm currently building on the new Edition for Svelthe Music Festival. It should release sometime in January again. One thing I can tell is that this time The Temple also gets a fresh new look.
      Stay tuned.
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      January 8, 2022, 9:20 am to Public
      Festival Map for Svelthe 2022 dropped!

      Gonna release the map soon!
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      December 18, 2021, 10:14 am to Public
      Working on Svelthe Music Festival 2022

      Currently working on Svelthe Music Festival 2022. It will be a complete redesign for the Svelthe Music Festival 2021 Map. Some places get redesigned, some don't and some just get some little updates. I plan to rebuild all stages except The Temple and some Late Night Stages. But those will most likely get some sweet updates. Everything will always be built in the newest Minecraft version. The rebuilt stages will get my most recent redstone technology standards. New restaurants, bars and attractions will be added and of course the map gets expanded even more.

      Camping Site???

      Yea... no. Well probably, I'll see how I find time or if it's even possible.

      If I ever consider to build a camping site for the festival it has to be huge and offer food and drink stands and a pre party stage. That project would be a project as big as the festival already was. So I can't promise it.
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      June 24, 2021, 6:40 am to Public
      New Festival Build almost ready and name reveal!

      I'm currently building a smaller festival set in the jungle of Minecraft, I finished the build and do the last finishing touches today. I'll upload it tomorrow.
      The name of the festival will be Rhelic Forest Festival.

      Will there be a new edition for this festival next year?

      maybe maybe maybe maybe I don't know yet, depending on my mood.

      What's next?

      I thought about building a new nightclub with multiple floors. But I don't know if and when I'll do that.

      New Minecraft Version 1.17

      So yeah the version 1.17 got released as I was building Rhelic Forest Festival which gives us all countless new possibilities to build. There is a lot I could decorate Rhelic with so that's maybe why I would build a new edition next year.
      It is confirmed that I will most likely build a new edition for Svelthe Music Festival next year so I will do this with the newest Minecraft version and overhaul everything I think is necessary. It will be the most modern vanilla minecraft festival you have ever seen.

      Until tomorrow!
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      June 4, 2021, 1:49 pm to Public
      Current progress on the new map and more info.

      Here is a sneak peek into the new festival map I'm currently working on. As you can see it takes place in the jungle. There is still a lot to do but many things are already finished like the festival center shown in the picture. Quick reminder that a lot can still change. This is a smaller festival and the size will be maybe half as big as Svelthe. There are three stages and a lot of other attractions such as adventure pathways or tree houses leading to the stages. I don't know when I'm done building but I'll keep you up to date.
      See ya!
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