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Sword Art Online: Forest House K4 + Download

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The Log House is a small, round log cabin located in a round open grass field, surrounded by a thick coniferous forest, on a hill at the southwestern edge of the 22nd Floor.
The house is surrounded by a wooden fence with a wooden gate, has a few patches of moss growing on the walls and blends in with the nature surrounding it, giving it a sense of beauty as though it was a home of one of the elven race.
The 1-storey house consists of only two main rooms: the large living room and the bedroom, as well as a small room used as a storeroom near the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
The living room has a round wooden table, a wardrobe, a full-body sized mirror beside the cutlery sideboard, while the bedroom has 2 beds, a photo wall and a balcony that overlooks the large lake in the middle of the floor, as well as the surrounding hilly terrain, thus providing a gorgeous view from it. The house also has a small terrace at the entrance.
Text from:

Hi guys! This is my first build of the Forest House K4 shown in the series Sword Art Online!

PMCVIEW messes alot with the schematic, please don't assume it is going to look like that, thank you!

Some blocks are misplaced when using WorldEdit, example: Glasspane, Corner Stairs, Doors, OakWood (1 texture on all sides).
You might need to replace these manually.

Texture Pack Download:
*ο»ΏThis texture pack is optimized for my server, if you need to change blocks feel free to do so. It's also optimized for the schematic above and gets updates on a regular base until I'm happy with it.

Any suggestions or corrections would be appreciated!
Progress100% complete

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