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Hi guys! Today I have recreated a game in minecraft, that I usesd to play as a kid. The game isn't that hard, when you start the game 1 person get picked at random to be "it", he needs to tag another player by hitting him. The person who is "it" after a set amount of time loses the game, and you can play again. To play the game you need to press the button on the machine, all the scoreboards get created and the player nearest to the machine will receive a book. You can use the book to set the point where you will start the game, determine how long you will play and to start the game. If you don't set a starting point all players will stay in the position they are when the game starts. It's really simple and nothing special for my 1 year anniversary, but I hope you will have fun! The world download is just a flat world by the way, it's mainly for the people who can't or don't want to use MCEdit.
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