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Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
Tamriel, "Dawn's Beaty" and "Starry Heart" a world of 12 million square kilometres in size. Our version in Minecraft, 736 million square blocks. 32 000 x 23 000 blocks. The entire continent of Tamriel from The Elder Scrolls game series and lores in Minecraft.

The goal of this project is to create the surroundings of the continent which the events of The Elder Scrolls takes place in, Tamriel; "Dawn's Beaty" and "Starry Heart". We intend to create a version which is as exact as possible to the world you'll find in the games of The Elder Scrolls, and a version which is inspired by our own imagination with the lores as the foundation. Thus 2 versions of Tamriel. The first mentioned version is priority.

Current Progress: 5%
Project Era: Dawn Era

Ongoing Sub Projects: Aedra's Creations (Map Development) - Dawn's Growth (Custom Tree Design) - Eye of the Mortal (Resource Pack Development) - Visible of Skyrim (Skyrim Resource Pack Development) - Calm Before the Storm (Preperations and Planning)

Sub Projects (click to reveal)
Aedra's Creations (Map Development)
The 12 worlds are being created by the Aedra, the worlds molded together to create Nirn.
Using 3rd party software, such as WorldPainter, we are developing the terrain of the entire Tamriel.
Current Sub Project Progress: 60%

Dawn's Growth (Custom Tree Design)
In the creation of the 12 worlds, growth is growing from the seeds of the Aedra.
In the map development, a custom tree collection is needed. We are designing 7 different type of trees with 20 unique trees of each type. This sub project is ready to be started, but is still not yet.
Current Sub Project Progress: 0%

Eye of the Mortal (Resource Pack Development)
Tamriel shall be seen by the mortal as a beaty, Dawn's beaty.
We are developing 9 different and unique resource packs, to be used in the Merethic Era of the project to create the structures of Tamriel.
Current Sub Project Progress: 2%

Visible of Skyrim (Skyrim Resource Pack Development)
Skyrim, just as the rest of Tamriel shall be seen by the Mortal as a heart, a starry heart.
Under the sub project of the Eye of the Mortal, we are developing the resource pack for the province of Skyrim.
Current Sub Project Progress: 5%

Calm Before the Storm (Preperations and Planning)
It is calm before the storm, the storm of the Merethic Era.
In the Dawn Era, the project is being prepared and planned for the Merethic Era, which is the era we will create all structures of Tamriel in. The server is being put together, custom Craftbukkit plugins are being developed, decisions are being made, rules are being written and information is being given.
Current Sub Project Progress: 80%
"Since February this year, we've continously been working on the project, with preparations, planning and development. Several times, we've been told by people we're the most structured and organized Minecraft community project they've ever seen. We take that as a compliment. We believe the way we're organizing the project will be the way to success of the project at the best, together with hard work and excitement.

We do also believe, as it's in our plans, the project will be the biggest project the Minecraft community have ever seen, within a few months. We're not a herd of arrogant builders who only recruits skilled and experienced builders. We believe anyone, anyone who may just have been in a Minecraft world once, can build Tamriel with us, and that it will still give the best result possible. Just because of (what we dare to say is) the smart way we're organizing the project.

We have now already received over 30 requests from people who wants to join the project when the Merethic Era get's started."
     ---> founder and head manager of the project, blazedGinger.

The Next Era
When the Dawn Era has past, the Mythic or Merethic Era is to come. As the sub project of the map development reaches it's end, both the Skyrim resource pack development and the preparations and planning ought to reach their ends as well. Giving the opportunity to start the Merethic Era, with creating every single and little structure in Tamriel. The biggest part of the project.

Partake in the Project
Partake in one of the biggest projects the Minecraft community will see (to come) from the early beginning of it. Read more about recruitment in this forum topic.

Make it Visible
Give the project a diamond, favorite it, leave a comment, wish us luck. We need support to be seen by skilled and non-skilled people that wants to build Tamriel with us. We need all luck that is as well.

Get Updated
To get news on the project, visit our website at www.tesmc.net, follow us on Twitter @tes_minecraft.

Ask Anything
To get more detailed and heavy information, send an email to post@tesmc.net and we'll gladly answer it. Otherwise, comment your question(s) below!

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Progress5% complete

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Major Planet Minecraft Project Submission Changes : by Yudaz 07/04/2014 12:03:57 pmJul 4th, 2014

Major changes where done on this project submission (completely rewritten), therefor it's posted an update log to "bump" it.

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02/21/2014 4:19 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Taco
Gigorahk's Avatar
It has been pointed out to me that not all of Tamriel has been generated or shown in game yet. What do you plan to do on those parts?
02/24/2014 7:34 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
Yudaz's Avatar
If there is parts of Tamriel that isn't to be entered in TESO, we will use the best of our imagination based upon the descriptions from the lores. ;)
02/21/2014 4:08 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Taco
Gigorahk's Avatar
Impressive :)
07/04/2014 12:31 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Narwhal
x3arcx's Avatar
Indeed, very impressiv !
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