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El Castillo - Temple of Kukulcan - Chichen Itza

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El Castillo also known as Temple of Kukulcan is Mayan pyramid in city called Chichen Itza in Mexico, built by the Maya civilization sometime between the 9th and 12th centuries. Originally it's 24 meters high without temple and around 30 meters with a temple but to make it more detailed I build it in 4:1 scale so now it's about 120 blocks high. When I'm thinking about ancient temple I always see Indiana Jones adventures so I was really inspired to build it this way. From the outside you can see huge pyramid with a temple on the top unfortunately I couldn't find more pictures of the inside except some schematics so I used them and improvised. When you enter the temple you should look for some button to enter the lower level of the pyramid. From now this buid is my own imagined style because there aren't almost any pictures of the inside of pyramid too. I have read that archaeologists foud something that looks like the second pyramid inside so I built one too, when you climb on the top of it you can find some buttons to open the entrance to the inside of the second pyramid which is full of gold and diamond skeletons like in the movie.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish the project but I really wanted to participate in a contest.

Hope you enjoy.

Tip: buttons in the temple are located on the back of the throne.
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Update #1 : by Cziboczer 06/23/2019 3:29:11 pmJun 23rd, 2019

Updated temple

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