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The 4Nations Project

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Water, Earth, Fire, Air... Welcome to the most ambitious Avatar: The Last Airbender project. 4Nations is a RPG PvP Minecraft server, inspired by the vast world and lore of the Avatar universe. Our goal is to recreate the entirety of said world, as well as expanding it, and fit it in as good as possible in Minecraft.

About us
Our team consists of Avatar and Minecraft fans. Builders, technicians and story writers, that were brought together by the common desire to re -create the vast world of Avatar the Last Airbender.

Our Community:

Facebook Page

Discord Server

Why of all servers the 4Nations project?

The 4Nations project is created with preserving ballance in mind. Current Minecraft - Avatar servers focus usually mostly on one or two elements, too much on the PvP aspect, neglecting the vast world and the lore, or too much on the RolePlay aspect, setting many strict rules, thus not beeing very kind to the more casual audience.
We want to ballance out all these aspects. You may enjoy regular PvP events and not be invested in the Role Play side, and vice versa. For the PvP community we offer many battleing grounds, various arenas and competetive tournaments, and for the Role Play community we offer Avatar lore themed events, like annual festivities, like the Yangchen festival, Fire Days, New Moon festiwal, dozens upon dozens of locations straight from the shows and even the comics. We will also provide you with numerous bending - themed minigames, like Airball, team based tasks, Battle Royale, various arenas, including the Pro Bending arena, along with plugins and systems who transfer the bending sport into Minecraft. There is no shortage of things to do on our server.

Current Progress

Currently we are working on compleeting crucial locations from the World of Avatar. Some of them (but not all) are shown above. As for the technical side, we are currently writing our storyline, the rest of the technical stuff is basicly compleeted.

Finished Locations

-Seedy Merchants Pier
-Southern Air Temple (pre war)
-Southern Water Tribe (Katara's and Sokka's Village)
-Chin Village
-Earth Temple
-Jang Hui Village
-Jang Hui Factory
-Senlin Village
-Van Shi Tong's Library
-Hama's Village
-Tu Zin
-Pro Bending Arena
-Crescent Island

Server Info
Bending and PvP

As our main bending plugin we chose ProjectKorra, as well as its many extensions. We are aware, that most RPG Avatar servers use custom bending plugins, however we chose ProjectKorra because it is the most PvP friendly, dynamic and easy to use bending plugin there is. You can choose one of four elements - Water, Earth, Fire and Air. You can even become a nonbender, and learn advanced swordfighting skills, the rare ability of Chi-blocking, and even use the Legend of Korra Spirit Powers. You won't get bored...

The Map

Our goal is to recreate the Avatar world map as close to the original as possible. We want to re-create all locations from the first show, locations from The Legend of Korra that existed prior to Aangs adventure, many locations from the recent "Rise of Kyoshi" novels as well as several places from the comics. As for now, we have about 30% of the said locations. Some of them will be presented in seperate articles on this site, and some will be shown in this article.

Story and Quests

We wrote many storylines, several for every class you are able to pick. Currently we have roles like: Waterbender, Earthbender, Firebender, Airbender, Nonbeder from 3 different nations, and spiritual Guru. Even playing as a seemingly easy to understand Firebender class, you might have different outcomes of your story, you might end up as a high ranking Fire Nation official, or an enlightened firebending master. You make up Your own story.
For quests we use the BetonQuest plugin. It allows us to make very advanced tasks and quests that interact with the world around the player. You want to relive the iconic Ran and Shaw scene from Avatar - we've got You covered.


We of course want to support the Role Play community. On our server there will be specific Role Play events straight from the Avatar Lore, as well as many holidays and festivities, like the Glaciar Spirits festival, the New Moon festival, Yangchen festival, Avatar Day and Kyoshi Day and many, many others. We will also provide you an opportunity to create your character from the ground up. You want to be a simple Earth Kingdom peasant, a Fire Nation Nobleman, a Water Tribe Shaman, or a simple Air Nomad Monk, maybe run the DaiLi or be the underworld crime lord of BaSingSe - you decide your own destiny.

We need You...

As for now we really need builders, people who can create maps in World Painter, and storywriters, with ideas concidering our main story.

If you want to help us, write in the comments and we will reach out to You.
Progress20% complete

10 Update Logs

Update #10 Seedy Merchants Pier : by JoePapa 09/10/2021 9:12:09 pmSep 10th, 2021

Well - Summer Break is over, now back to work. We start with Seedy Merchants Pier. Nowhere will you find more scum and villainy than here.


As for the server itself - we are moving forward. Currently we are writing custom plugins. We already developed a cutscene system in Minecraft. If you want to check it out, visit our Discord to see how it turned out.

More stuff will be comming very soon.

Stay Flameo!

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06/26/2021 3:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
minimax2008 avatar
Can you make this downland please🥺
06/25/2021 10:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3675023G avatar
could you put the southern air temple for download? it looks epic
06/26/2021 3:12 pm
Level 43 : Master Birb
JoePapa avatar
It won't be for download, but it will be available on my avatar server, more info on my Discord. However, Crescent Island is downloadable.
03/23/2021 12:17 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
CameronFenich avatar
that is so cool
03/23/2021 6:08 am
Level 43 : Master Birb
JoePapa avatar
03/02/2021 4:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Themechanicyt avatar
I am a decent builder who has used worldpainter successfully quite a few times and am a big fan of avatar and would like to help out
03/02/2021 10:16 am
Level 43 : Master Birb
JoePapa avatar
That'd be fantastic! Contact me on Discord: discord.gg/XdPXfY42PB
I'd really love some help.
11/19/2020 4:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
_Aquad avatar
is the plugin testing server public? same with the building test server?
11/20/2020 2:11 am
Level 43 : Master Birb
JoePapa avatar
Not yet. There is still a lot of work going on, and not enough is ready to make it public.
11/20/2020 1:05 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
_Aquad avatar
Ok. what bending plugin will you use?
EDIT: will you be using custom moves from the projectkorra website?
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