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The Blend-Minecraft Modern House

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The Blend

Welcome to the Blend,Minecraft modern house were i built it from my own imaginationο»Ώ. In this build you can see a lot of boxes structure,combined into ONE!!! one simple modern house. Most of this build are made from concrete because it will give us a perfect color of modernist. And filled with some spruce wood walls between the gap of the concrete structure. I use gray concrete for the support structure and detailing. And use light gray and white concrete for the boxes structure where there's supposed to be any kind of different room. Tall of light gray concrete boxes is 8 blocks,and for the white one is 9 blocks. Inside the house there's a "bridge" structure that has different height ,cause bye different height of boxes structure it self. But it still working as well.

Outside the house there's a working fountain with some command blocks underneath. Also there's a garage that made from cyan hardened clay for protection of rain and sunlight.Cyan structures are penetrated through the wooden structure. On the backyards,there are swimming pool,grill,table for barbeque,mini park,and walkway to the front yard.

The Interiors it self are made from vanilla blocks minecraft,for example the table of dining room. I use barrier and brown carpet. If that was not enough.i use custom head for decorations.

And.... i put birch fence in every corner to make sure size of the plot still remain same.As far as i know, size of the plot was 66x66 blocks and you cant build beyond outer of the fence (CMIIW).

Before i end up this,here's some FAQ about my build experience

Q:Have you ever build this kinda modern thingy?

A:yap,a long time ago.But still,i need to learn about modernist

Q:Would you like to share your experience about modernist?

A:If i have something awesome about that

Q:Was your build impress yourself?


Q:Do you like something modern?

hmmm...yap, i like it. But i cant make one better :(

Was your build is a must for this contest?

Nope,i built this for FUN. I dont care about the reward anyway

Is there you want to ask anymore?


That's all from me. World download is available. Hope you guys enjoy this build,and.....have a nice day all ;)

And.....if you have a brain and fresh mind,do NOT attempt to claim my build as your.Your consequences depend on your attitude. Remember,God is always watching you
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