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The Duskened Domain

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What is dusk, if not the fall of day, and the fall of night?
So shall kingdoms fall, shall people fall, just as how the Sun sets on the dead.

The Duskened Domain
is a collaborative build between Giancarlovan, Audible_Druid, and Starnityu01, built on the GreenLeaf Creative Server (IP: glc.mc.gg, Version 1.13.2) as an entry for its Fantasy Building Contest!

You are strongly encouraged to download the map via the mirror link for a more immersive experience! (And who knows what Easter Eggs you might find?)

On behalf of the Algeusia Build Team, I present to you a tale of a traveller's travails in a fantastical kingdom. May you heartily enjoy the sights and the literature!

The Duskened Domain Minecraft Map
The Duskened Domain Minecraft Map
The Duskened Domain Minecraft Map

Imgur Album of Story : https://imgur.com/a/LiQmKI9?

Imgur Album of Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/9680AIf

Story Text

The Duskened Domain
by Giancarlo N. H. Gonzaga

The mellow afternoon sun began its slow descent down the horizon, casting long, orange rays of sunlight that danced across the silky waves of the sea. Cool gusts of sea breeze billow about the town, buffeting wooden roofs and stone walls alike. One particularly strong gale ruffled a young prince’s mahogany hair, as he looked out his balcony, his hands feeling the smooth, stony ridges of the railings, his gaze overlooking his father’s sprawling kingdom.

“A pleasant sight, is it not?” quoth an aged sage draped in black robes as he made his way up the charcoal-gray stone steps.

“It is, Sage Anthisor,” said the prince as he turned his head, looking at the weathered, wrinkled face of his mentor, “and I do love the way the waves catch the sunlight, and how the orange-tinged waters lap at the reddened beaches.” The prince smiled and eagerly recounted his boyhood, “It reminds me of those summers when my father and my brothers would go feeding seagulls at the cove behind the castle.” Forming small crablike claws with his hands, he continued, “I remember how I tripped over a rock, and there underneath was a small hermit crab which I brought home!”

“Aye, and I remember helping you feed it and nurse it back to health when it fell ill.” Anthisor suspired as he joined the prince beside the balcony. “It’s such a nice thing, to care for something so little and delicate, to see it grow and flourish with your nourishment.” Waving over the kingdom with his outstretched, bony arm, he said “When you take your place on your father’s throne, this realm shall be your hermit crab.”

“I know.” The prince noticed his mentor’s eyes growing misty. “Forgive me for asking, but why do you seem troubled?”

“Scenes redolent of one’s unpleasant past can unearth even the deepest, darkest memories, the likes of which I would rather keep sealed at the archives of the mind.” Anthisor began wheezing and gasping for breath, clutching his golden sun-shaped medallion that hung around his neck. “The sun sets. The dusk comes. And with it, triggering remembrances.” After coughing over the gilded railings, Anthisor said, “Let us speak inside.”

The two made their way through the castle’s carved walls, and reached the sage’s study. Beckoning the prince inside, Anthisor set a heavy wooden chair across his desk, and motioned for the prince to take a seat. He shut the windows, allowing only sunlight to suffuse the room through the yellowed glass.

“Why do you take so much care to secure the room, Sage Anthisor?” asked the prince as he watched the wiry old man bolt the heavy metal door behind him.

“I imagine you must be wondering why I take so much care not to let anyone overhear,” said the sage as he sat across the prince, “I vowed not to speak of this matter to your father, the king, or to anyone in that throne room. But you were yet unborn, and so I am allowed to tell you, my dear prince.”

After setting some scrolls from the dusty shelves on the table, Anthisor began unrolling them. The prince beheld intricate, colored sketches that the old sage made. Anthisor said, “It all happened thirty years ago, when your father was as old as you are now. The day the sun set on this kingdom, and duskened it forever. They call it the Day of Duskening. Hearken now, as I tell my tale.”

The young prince pored over Anthisor’s drawings and notes, as the sage leaned back in his chair, took a deep breath, and began.

I am a foreigner to this land. I came on the morn of the Day of Duskening on a merchant ship laden with chests containing all sorts of goods, including enchanted artifacts that I meant to give my older brother.

The seagulls squawked and squabbled overhead, as I made my way up the stairs of the port. It was even more beautiful than my brother described it.

This kingdom was a burgeoning one, flourishing under the righteous reign of your great-grandfather. Towns grew atop the outcroppings and plateaus of this massive mountain, which is crowned with the castle your ancestors built. I could not contain my excitement at the prospect of finally getting to explore this wondrous place!

At the heart of the Seaside District was the Cathedral of Averthany, a place for the townsfolk to convene and worship your gods. I follow other gods, of course, yet paid my respects nonetheless.

Averthany was the first high clergyman who allowed clergymen to take wives and father children, as it was his belief that family was the divine manifestation of love and life. I recalled this when I saw the statues of the Parents flanking the altar.

I then made my way to the town, smiling at townsfolk as I went. This kingdom was flourishing indeed, and the hustle and bustle here could easily drown out the measly clamors from where I came from.

I went through the Market District, where various shopkeepers peddle their wares, some of which I recognized as being enchanted by my brother. There was also a large statue of the First Wizard, as a testament to the century-long friendship between your family and the wizards of the land.

I passed by more homes, alongside a vast mine rich in gold, particularly the luminous and highly-enchantable Wizard’s Gold, and other ores. These were traded to the wizards for enchanted artifacts and amulets.

Never had I seen such large veins of the rare mineral before! Such abundances of resources beneath your ancestors’ feet paved the way to a long-lasting kingdom indeed.

I then made my way up the viaducts, and saw the upper town, where the wealthy lived in greater comfort.

And finally, I was at the castle gate. The castle was stunningly majestic, and I quickly summoned a falcon familiar that could let me take a birds-eye view of the wonderful crown jewel of this realm.

I could only gape in awe as I beheld the spectacle–the many turrets and battlements, the ornate walls, and the stained glass windows.

It had countless spires and towers, all painstakingly carved by your ancestors’ carpenters. Yet I stopped outside, not deigning to set foot into the castle until I was invited in. It would be rude, after all, to step over the threshold, and to tread on the customs of courtesy.

I had always gazed longingly at the castle. Never would it have occurred to me that I would one day reside in one of its towers. I waited for my brother to come, but to little avail.

The sun was setting, and along with it came a dark tide of evil. The dark army arrived as silently as the dusk, their grisly features silhouetted by the rays of the setting sun.

Within minutes, the hitherto-unsurmounted island fortress was in ruins, overrun. A dark shadow in the shape of a dragon circled ominously, knocking down towers and walls as though they were merely stacked books. I hurried back down to the town to assist in the battle.

The kingdom’s soldiers were manning the battlements and stationing themselves to halt the advance of the evil army. An epic battle was taking place between good and evil.

The massive black dragon roared–it was unmistakable–it was Durvanthkos, the Dragon of the Dusk. It had laid waste to hundreds of kingdoms in the past, and fate cruelly made our paths cross on that day. It bellowed and blew a powerful pillar of flame from its mouth, intent on razing this kingdom.

But my brother, the greatest archmage I had ever known, invoked an ancient spellstone buried beneath the forests and wealds at the foot of the mountain. Instantly, the woodland was transformed. The four great oaks turned brilliantly white, and their leaves shone with newfound magical color. The nearby bushes experienced similar transformations.

My brother conjured a massive sphere of arcane energy, which was fed strength from the spellstone, and fired a beam of energy right at the dragon’s gaping maw.

The dragon’s pillar of fire collided with my brother’s arcane beam midair, and caused a great, crackling explosion as the energies battled for dominance. I knew not who had more magical prowess–an ancient, diabolical dragon or an archmage armed with ancient magic.

As a magical battle raged above, a physical battle raged below. The fortress garrison was fighting tooth and nail against the forces of evil, but they were slowly being swamped and overwhelmed.

The fortress’ ballistae and curtain walls would have repelled any human assailant, yet now they lie broken, for the dragon was destructive, and so were the demon pyromancers.

Undead warriors and archers fought alongside demon swordsmen and pyromancers against the king’s knights and soldiers. The slain were reanimated as phantom knights, clutching their heads, controlled by dark purple energy.

The tide of evil was marching its way towards the fishing district, where the army was making its last stand. Should they be defeated, and their line be broken, the lower districts will all fall, and any villager who has not yet fallen back to the castle would perish.

The king’s army valiantly fended off the unholy host, but they enemies seemed too overwhelmingly numerous. Slay one skeleton warrior and a demon and a phantom take its place.

Strangely, I cannot recall how the battle was won. Here we are, chatting in this castle, so clearly, my brother managed to somehow vanquished the dragon, and then annihilated the dark army that came with it. It was clear that he used some memory-wiping spell on me, and on all the historians and witnesses on the Day of Duskening. After all, I know my brother’s proclivities and penchant for dark magic. When his ‘good’ spells are insufficient, he resorts to forbidden magic, which more often than not requires the sacrifice of human beings.

It is all coming together now. Have you always wondered who lived in that manor that is now devoid of life? It was Lord Cavorthy, my brother’s sworn nemesis, who killed his wife out of spite. And now, he and his household have all but been wiped off the face of the earth, the only remnant of their memory being their ruined home.

And, have you ever noticed how many homes are pitch black inside? It would not be a far cry to surmise that my brother sacrificed the inhabitants of those homes and sealed their homes away...

Anthisor turned to the prince, and continued, “I have come up with competing theories. It is possible that he used human souls to supplement his magic and destroy the invaders for good. Alternatively, he may have sold these souls in pursuit of peace with the dragon, Durvanthkos.”

The prince looked at the sage with his eyes wide open, for he saw Anthisor’s eyes turning gray, and skin growing taut. Yet Anthisor seemed blissfully unaware of his physical changes, intent on completing his theory, “Yes, knowing my brother, he must have made a pact with evil to save his own skin! But the Durvanthkos does not bargain,” Anthisor started to pant, “and that means that he and Durvanth–!”

The sage could not speak, only choke, as though he was being strangled by invisible hands. Anthisor clutched at his throat to no avail, and his hair began falling off in dirty locks. The prince was horrified and quickly backed up against the wall.

Anthisor looked pleadingly at some unseen entity above. An icy voice whispered, “You know too much, brother, and now you must die!” Anthisor’s life force was ebbing from him and soon, he slumped in his chair, his neck showing the grisly, telltale signs of strangulation.

The young prince whirled around and tried to unbar the door. Heaving with all the might in his slender arms, he strained and strained until he grew sore. But the door did not budge. Anthisor had cast a spell to keep the door shut against intruders.

The princeling yelled at and pounded on the door, “Someone help me! I am trapped in Anthisor’s study! Hurry!” but no sound could be heard outside. Anthisor’s spells made sure of that.

The princeling despaired, not wanting his fate to be death by starvation in an old sage’s musty sanctum. As if his thoughts were heard, the windows were suddenly flung wide open, and a cold night’s gale blew out the candles in Anthisor’s study and chilled the princeling to the bone.

An icy voice sent shivers up his spine. “Decide your fate, princeling. Shall you stay in my brother’s study and let hunger, thirst, cold, or madness take you? Or shall you dash yourself against the crags far down below outside?”

And so dusk ended, and night fell.

Bonus Photo : The Dark Army at Day

We thoroughly enjoyed building this massive project, taking turns building the various parts of the castle, the towns, and even the battle scenes, which took nearly forever to build. In total, we took roughly 100 hours (split between the three of us) to bring this project into fruition.

We drew some inspiration for the build from real-life castles and towns, but left our imaginations to do most of the work!

We used the help of WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, and Litematica to make this submission possible.

Special thanks to Stubbs1 and the GreenLeaf team for helping smoothen the process of building and uploading our project!

You may not use any part or the entirety of the build for any non-self-entertainment purposes without the express permission of the builders. Kindly contact us if you want to make an adventure map, use it as a spawn, or anything.
CreditAudible_Druid, Starnityu01
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Fantasy Contest Champion! : by Giancarlovan 07/13/2019 9:29:11 amJul 13th, 2019

This build has been awarded First Place in TomConn's Fantasy Building Contest!

We are truly grateful for your appreciation of this project, and we strongly encourage you to download the map, relive the story, and check out this lore-filled fantasy build for yourself!


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09/23/2019 6:11 pm
Level 40 : Master uwu
PaintsplattersMC's Avatar
How do you make the world preview on PlanetMC
09/27/2019 12:55 pm
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan's Avatar
Upload a schematic file and it should automatically come up, I think
09/20/2019 12:58 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
Kubson_'s Avatar
Hey, beautiful creation just wondering If you guys let me use this wonderful map as ServerSpawn, all credits will be yours.
09/20/2019 1:53 pm
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan's Avatar

Feel free to use it as server spawn!

Just add signs/armor stands/login messages/etc. crediting us if you could :D
09/23/2019 6:32 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
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Of course I will Thank you so much~!
09/27/2019 12:55 pm
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You're welcome! Good luck with your server!
09/09/2019 11:46 am
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The Schem isn't working!?!?
09/10/2019 8:54 am
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan's Avatar
Note that this is a .schem file and not a .schematic file, so Schematica won't work, unfortunately.
08/24/2019 3:06 am
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan's Avatar
I'm quite sure that it is 9300, 120, 9300, because those coordinates work in the file I download. Could others also try and help me confirm? Thanks!
08/08/2019 9:12 pm
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GreyHound112's Avatar
Hey Are the Cords correct cause i cant Tp
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