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Nitras Carlovanathan's Dream : A Journey Through Time

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Giancarlovan avatar Giancarlovan
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
You are a thought. One among millions comprising the vivid and lucid dream of the world-renowned historian and adventurer : Nitras Carlovanathan.

Having worked day and night on his historical theses, Nitras spends little time outside his little office, and even in his dreams, he frequents this little room that he now calls home. The room is replete with paraphernalia acquired throughout his many endeavours.

Nitras Carlovanathan's Dream : A Journey Through Time Minecraft MapNitras Carlovanathan's Dream : A Journey Through Time Minecraft Map
Nitras Carlovanathan's Dream : A Journey Through Time Minecraft Map

You notice that in his dream, he has punched a hole through his computer screen. Nitras had always wanted to do that, given all his pent-up frustration with dealing with the difficulty and strenuousness of a historian’s job.

Turning around, you notice a purplish cloud the faintly resembles a small spacecraft. Intrigued, you venture forth and activate it.

You find yourself transported under the boughs of small sapling. Looking around, you notice a small pool of water, alongside several grassy hills that all combine to form a small island.

Expanding your reach within Nitras’ dream, you take another look at your surroundings, this time, from a bird’s eye perspective. You notice that from the small sapling originate twelve yellow rays that eventually extend to the twelve divisions of a great clock.

The clock itself is hollow, allowing you to peer into the unfathomable depths of Nitras’ subconsciousness, which appears to you as an endless void.You now notice the details of the clock in greater vividness. Every Roman numeral corresponds to an era in human history. You also notice the concentric circles that extend beyond the main disc of the clock. These circles are not perfect. At certain points, they appear marred, even tarnished, and you realize that this reflects how capricious and inconsistent thoughts may be. A dark thought or two can slip easily into an otherwise pristine and pure train of thought.

Looking further beyond, you notice that the rays extend on and on. As you move forward in the direction of one o’ clock, you begin to notice the shape of a massive island. You realize that this is how Nitras Carlovanathan has managed to organize the vast compendiums of his historical knowledge; he groups thoughts and sceneries of similar eras together, each of which manifest as an island in Nitras’ dream. With your interest profoundly piqued, you decide to dive right into exploring the first of these islands.

I. Prehistoric Isle

The first era you arrive at is prehistory. The sight you behold astounds you : two peaks of unbridled, untamed, and indeed, dangerous wilderness :

You blink, and the vividness of the dream blurs, losing a bit of realism and gaining some abstractism :

On one side, a dense swamp sheaths a mountain, the sides of which are carpeted in grass, orchids, and other ancient flora you do not recognize. The lush greenery appears foreign, exotic, and even surreal, as the biodiversity of prehistory is quite different from that of today.

Turning your attention to the centre of the island, you notice the treachery and danger of the swampy ground that seems to try and trap all who attempt to traverse it. Navigating it is a true challenge, for little sense of direction can be found, and a plethora of vines screen and obscure your vision all the more.

Meanwhile, on the right lies a landscape eternally scarred by fire. Rivers of lava flow down a scorched ground with few patches of land capable of even supporting weeds. The volcano that makes the second peak is in the middle of a violent eruption, sending hails of fireballs all around.

Finally, you notice a dark cave, too dark for you to peer inside. Yet you surmise that that was where the early humans probably sought shelter from the elements, from the beasts that prowl the night, and from the fury of nature as a whole. The cave provides a small haven for mankind, as though an incubator for civilization.

Taking one last look at the island, you begin to realize that such a sight is rare to behold : the sight of untamed nature, proud and powerful, pristine. It is a time in history when man, indeed, was at the mercy of nature.

As you ponder and ruminate on all this, you find yourself en route to the next island.

II. Egyptian Isle

And soon enough, you arrive at another epoch in human history, and you recognize it to be none other than Ancient Egypt.

Once again, you blink, and the vividness of the sight wavers slightly.

Between two great pyramids lies a sphinx, which serenely gazes across the Nile, watching over the small town as it stands sentinel, guarding the pyramidal tombs of the pharaohs.

Two obelisks flank the entrance to the larger of the two, both of which point skywards in a reverent salutation to the sun god Ra.

To the side of the pyramid is the pharaoh’s palace, pillars and hieroglyphs bathed in the warm sunlight, while the azure walls provide some relief from all the heat.

Finally, you look over the nile, noticing a small garden patch, a riverside farm, and various small houses, shops, restaurants, and many more.

As you turn to take one final glance at the isle of Ancient Egypt, you realize that it marks a period in history when man began taking mastery over nature; despite the arid and harsh conditions of the desert landscape, humans have found a way to establish themselves, much like an oasis of civilization.

III. Greek Isle

You continue your journey through Nitras’ dream, and arrive at the next island : Ancient Greece.

You are beginning to get used to the loss of realism that happens in this dream.

Nonetheless, you marvel at the ornate temple that crowns a mountain that bears a meaningful resemblance to Mount Olympus. You admire the rearing horses and the skyline engraved into the roof design, as well as the perfectly sculpted pillars that seem to form an endless, unfathomable corridor.

You then follow the downwards viaducts, which winds down through several pavilions across the steep slopes of the mountain. You finally reach the lower parts of the island, which is adorned with a miniature temple and a small statue of a hoplite.

At the end of the road is an amphitheater gently curving around a stage, from which orators and actors alike make their fame.

You then notice the rivulets and streams flowing into a small gulf that presumably leads to an unseen sea. In its middle is a small trireme, an ancient Greek ship with a large square sail.

You think to yourself, this time, man and nature seemed to be in harmony. The marble of the buildings accentuates the lush landscape replete with grass and pine trees, neither struggling nor taking control over the landscape, simply blending in to create a beautiful image.

Yet again, the sun begins to set, and you begin your departure from this island. Taking a parting glance, you notice how the marble catches the rays of the setting sun to be illuminated in a soft, golden glow. The great temple, in particular, looks heavenly, a true testament to the great level of respect people held for their gods.

IV. Medieval Isle

With your next excursion, you find yourself faced with a mighty kingdom : the medieval island.

You take another look at it, this time with less vividness.

Nevertheless, you dive right into its heart. At the foot of the mountain sprawls a medieval town, complete with a marketplace, farmhouses, a barn, stables, a granary, and everything else a kingdom would need for subsistence. The grass paths are worn, worn by the countless footsteps of the hustle and bustle of the many townsfolk.

Crowning the island are two mountains, one lesser than the other. On the smaller mountain lies a small church, though you know that small as it may be, with the immense power of medieval clergy, it may hold more dominion over the lower lands than the majestic castle above.

Nevertheless, make your way to the top of the taller mountain, beholding heavily fortified walls adorned with blazing braziers and unique arches. Several watchtowers stand sentinel over the rest of the kingdom, providing invaluable vantage points to spy and repel hostile intruders into the kingdom.

Your visit to the medieval isle evoked a better understanding of the dual systems headed by pope and king, which controlled and dominated the lives of the lowlier folk, whether in unison or in discord.

V. Oriental Isle

Forging further ahead in this great void, you are faced with the island of Imperial China.

And as with before, the island reappears before you in a less vivid way.

Massive cherry blossoms spread their pink and purple leaves over narrow streams coursing down a hill into a small sea. Floating idyllically on the water is a Chinese junk, with its distinctively shaped sails in that perfect shade of crimson.

You then move forward through the pair of traditional archways, which are connected by an ornate marble bridge. You then see a simple and cozy little teahouse, where the emperor would take sips of his fine Jasmine tea as he watches the gently shimmering sheaths of sunlight on the sea. Turning around, you notice the Yin and Yang symbol, shaded by a few trees and surrounded by greenery.

Walking up the grand steps into the palace, you are met with a shock of red roofs and pillars and eaves, and you also see the imperial gardens, with a lion statue and even a pond.

Going even higher in this fine oriental palace, you end up at the pagoda, towering over and overlooking all its surroundings. Struck by its splendor, you take a moment to admire the curved roofs and ornate base.

Yet now, it was time to depart, to set off to the next isle. Yet, the strikingly exotic and distinctive architecture of imperial China has forever left an imprint in your thoughts.

VI. Isle of Exploration

You are whisked into the next scene, whose lushness and denseness of foliage rivals that of the prehistoric isle.

After getting used to the loss of vividness, you recognize the forest to be the Amazon rainforest, and you take your time appreciating the various aesthetic wonders within.

First, you notice the anchorage, built by expeditionists and conquistadores from Europe, which serves not only as a dock, but also as a refuge of sorts from the elements and from the forest itself. Outside is a large wooden pier, to which a small transport boat is moored. This transport vessel, no doubt, is used by the sailors to access the trading craft and the large galleon further up ahead. This galleon sports twelve cannons, enough to fend pirates off and yet light enough to quickly sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

You then turn your attention to the more hidden and more native structures in the isle. You see several stone houses, alongside large pyres and totems. At first glance, these homes appear uncomfortable and even cavelike, yet you catch your thoughts and remind yourself that what seems like a comfortable lifestyle to one may be completely different from what another expects, and that such a diversity of lifestyles is one to celebrate.

Finally, you look up. Towering over most of the rainforest is a great Mayan temple, gently sloping and pyramidal in shape with ramps for the high priest to reach the zenith and communicate with the gods.

VII. Renaissance Isle

Whereas two islands prior, you had seen a simple church overlooking a town, this time, you are astounded by an ornate cathedral. Two words come to mind : The Renaissance.

You blink, and see the cathedral in a slightly different light.

The cathedral, no doubt, is the crown jewel of every town. The facade of the structure is simply breathtaking, with all the flying buttresses, arches, hallways, and everything else that truly exudes majesty, opulence, and most of all, power.

You think to yourself, although the power of the Church had begun to wane, due to the rise of philosophical thought, secularism, and a questioning of religion as a whole, its wealth and presence remain conspicuous, even to this day.

You find yourself turning to take a look at a small sacred pond, nestled between a hill and the southern side of the cathedral. It is a serene and idyllic scene. If the majesty of the cathedral has not done so, this pensive scene would definitely stir up one’s adoration for the power of creation, if one so believes.

VIII. Ottoman Island

You drift away from the Isle devoted to the Renaissance, still pondering on the predominance of the Christian faith in Europe. It has had heavy impacts throughout the world, from missionaries peacefully sharing their faith with locals, to crusades that batter upon castle walls, to the conquests of the New World for God, gold, and glory, which you have revisited a few moments earlier.

Now, looming over you are five towering minarets that surround a mighty dome of an Ottoman mosque, seated upon a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea. While the Christendom grew powerful in Western Europe, Islam had been on the steady rise in the Middle East, and has maintained its foothold there to this day.

Taking a closer look at the mosque, you see two pavilions flanking a gulf that leads to the steps up into the entrance of the mosque.

The ablution well stands firm and resolute in the courtyard in front of the mosque, and you also see some additional pathways to the side. These seemed unconventional, yet the Ottoman Empire was no ordinary empire either; it had been born from the marriage between Middle Eastern and European influences. It was the descendant of the Romans, of Byzantium.

IX - Industrial Isle

You continue on your journey through time, and begin to feel the air more strongly. It was no ordinary gust that you felt. It was the wind blowing from the Industrial isle, and while your senses tell you to stay away, your adventurous heart makes you move onwards.

The stench carried by the wind preceded your sight of the massive factory, whose smokestacks blew plumes upon plumes of dirt and dust into the atmosphere. You see its effluent pouring by the gallons into the hapless river, now utterly polluted and green.

Aiding with the environmental destruction was a large coal mine by the apartments. It is far too dark for you to peer inside, but you see some tracks used by the carts bearing coal leading out into a coal processing station.

Turning your sight back to the river, you see the slums. Shacks in shambles. The remnants of public defecation and urination. Dead trees. All the island was an outrage to nature, an uproar. Never have you beheld such gross and severe damage to the Earth.

X. World War Isle

Yet, destruction was far from over, as you find yourself now looking at the World War Isle.

It was a scene of the tense preparation for warfare, a complete military base poised to launch an all-out onslaught against the enemy. There were helicopters to rain hell upon enemy infantry.

Tanks to blast and trample through the puny lines of trenches and fortifications.

Anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down airplanes from the sky. Soldiers prepared their mental mettle and physical prowess in the barracks. Finally, watchtowers and radio towers ensure that all of the camp remains connected in communication, as well as prepared against any preemptive strikes by particularly sly foes.

More destruction was to be wrought by war, by the conflicting political ideologies and agendas of various powers in the world.

Your heart feels heavy, longing for emotional respite, longing for a more harmonious society...

XI. Modern Isle

… And that is exactly what you find in the Modern Isle. Once again, the grass is green, and trees are plentiful. Once again, civilization moves forward, seeking progress above all else.

You see skyscrapers reaching for the heavens, a tribute to mankind’s relentless pursuit of progress and innovation in the modern age.

Airports and roads mark the increased interconnectedness of people all around the globe.

A fire station stands alert, prepared to serve its community, as humanity’s progress thrives increasingly on cooperation.

Parks represent the revitalization of man’s harmony with nature.

Architectural styles grow more varied due to globalization and a greater willingness to adopt historical practices; you see a rustic manor with a swimming pool and a park alongside futuristic-looking homes.

Truly, it all feels closer to home now, and you realize why : this particular modern town was none other than the hometown of Nitras Carlovanathan.

XII. Isle of the Future

Knowing how mankind seems on the path of progress, one can envision an ideal future of global prosperity, and perhaps more exciting, space exploration.

The colonization of space is a wondrous dream of many. To colonize extraterrestrial bodies would involve several environmental challenges, no doubt. Yet, humans always find a way.

A large dome of reinforced glass or some hitherto unknown material shields a small settlement on the surface of some extraterrestrial planet. Wind turbines harness the gales of a foreign and unbreathable atmosphere. Solar panels absorb the light from the nearest stars.

Yet the true highlight of this isle is the vast amount of different spacecraft dominating the skies. There are quick, blazing cruisers that zip around in full throttle. There are slower yet larger spaceships designed for interplanetary travel. There is even an orbital space station floating in the background.

This final frontier of space is a marvel to behold, and even more intriguing is the endless possibility of space. With such a vast and endless void in the sky, one cannot help but feel small, tiny in the infinities of the universe.

You notice that as Nitras slept, he sheds a tear because of the heart-wrenching beauty of the future he has envisioned since he was young.

Nitras Carlovanathan turns in his sleep. You decide to return to your home neuron, exhausted but exhilarated from this unique journey through time.

Nitras Carlovanathan's Journey Through Time :
Proudly presented to you by the Algeusia Build Team : Giancarlovan, Audible_Druid, and Starnityu01
(and ProNoob008)

This was a project built through blood, sweat, and tears, with friendships shattered and reforged, with ultimately a great sense of achievement and pride.

Build Time : 1.5 months

Thank you everyone, and enjoy this journey through time!

NOTE : Please teleport to 2000 200 2000 and enter the room to begin your journey through time in Nitras' dream.
CreditAudible_Druid and Starnityu01
Progress100% complete

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Update 1 : New Cover Art : by Giancarlovan 08/03/2018 4:03:13 amAug 3rd, 2018

Hello everyone! I just made a brand-new cover art for this project; the previous one was somewhat rushed, this one should be much more alluring :)

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02/10/2020 10:06 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Musician
Fighterbear12 avatar
Wonderful! The Ottoman Isle looks very good indeed, and nice to see someone build some Ottoman architecture in Minecraft. Thanks for making this cool project.
02/11/2020 9:16 am
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan avatar
Thank you! I feel like not enough people make Ottoman styled builds here.
10/06/2018 1:53 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Wolfheart01 avatar
Does this work on xbox 360? What's the seed?
10/20/2018 1:16 pm
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan avatar
I'm not sure if Xbox 360 Minecraft can play files made in the computer version of Minecraft. The seed does not really matter as most of the terrain was created by the builders, and we just used a superflat map that had almost nothing in it.
08/02/2018 12:26 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Cyborg
Cyprezz avatar
LOVE this map! Concept it brilliant for the Journey through Time. Really like central hub rays / clock organizing the slices of time into digestible islands to explore. Your guide above is a journey in itself. Amazing work!
08/02/2018 2:13 pm
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you loved it! :D

I really love writing, and also believe in unity through diversity, and in capturing the zeitgeists of each era for a truly immersive experience. :)
07/29/2018 12:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SapFireMC avatar
Really underrated build IMO. Great presentation and effort, pretty decent concept and nice execution. Of course, I personally wouldn't say it'll make in top 3 (not meant to offend), but definitely higher than it currently deserves.
07/29/2018 1:53 pm
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan avatar

Thank you SapFire! I'm glad you liked it!
07/28/2018 2:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Audible_Druid avatar
Hello everyone, I have just made a video teaser of our build. Please check it out here :

If you liked it, please check out my channel, and like and subscribe! We will make the timelapses soon!
07/28/2018 10:32 pm
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan avatar
I like your teaser! Great music and pretty neat intro, too.
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