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The Foundry

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Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
Story of the Foundry:

 After the first group of villagers entered the portal into the Nether they wandered around aimlessly looking at the vast depths of the Nether world. After what seemed hours of traveling they heard a soft but faint mechanical sound. As the group walked closer the sound got louder and louder. As it got louder they recognized that sound, it was the sound of huge drills. Drills mining into netherrack. As they turned a corner they saw a huge operation of mining drills, pumps, and equipment all drilling straight down into the lava. The soft rocky netherrack split open as the drills dug down cracking the surface causing lava to spew from the holes causing large swells of smoke to rise up from them. But what where they mining for? Then they saw giant crystals of quartz sticking from the lava and the surrounding area. They never seen such a crystal and were immediately overcome with a sensation to have it. Their eyes moved back to the drills and then followed the huge tubes powering the drills back to its source, known as the Foundry. A massive mining plant which seemed to be built into a mountain of netherrack. Huge conveyor belts carrying minecarts spurts out from the plant, which is connected to a series of catwalks sprung over the lava. A large tower was connected on top of the Foundry which touched the roof of the Nether. Huge smoke stakes blew out smoke that clouded the hazy atmosphere of the Nether. As the group of villagers walked on the catwalks towards the entrance of the Foundry, they couldn't help the feeling of unease as the hot lava bubbled from the surface. After climbing the stairs connected to the conveyor belt they entered a room which looked like a meeting chamber. Suddenly they heard a grunt of a Pigman and turned face to face with him. Fear struck their minds as they thought of their fate. The group leader, thinking fast, struck up a trade deal with the Pigman, who was in charge, his proposal was the villagers would provide the Pigmens with emeralds in exchange for quartz. The Pigman who never even saw an emerald agreed. Once time came for the villagers to go back to the Overworld they were overjoyed to tell the other villagers of the good news of the trade deal that was going to happen. The leader of the group brought back a small fragment of quartz to show them as proof. They villagers all crowded around the glamorous crystal and thoughts of what to build with it filled their minds with awe.
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07/29/2020 4:56 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Looking Great as always! =)
07/29/2020 10:28 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
Thank you, appreciated!
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