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The Lost Crown RPG Adventure 1.11.2+

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drefvelin's Avatar drefvelin
Level 24 : Expert Miner
You are the adventurer, with the quest of retrieving the kings crown, fragment by fragment. fight bosses and mobs, trade with villagers for unique items, hire mercenaries for battle and much more! Welcome to The Lost Crown RPG!

This game is about making your own adventure. There is no specific place to go, as long as you get all the missing crown fragments. You can explore and fight wherever you want. You can get op gear from op mobs and far away markets. You can craft your own customized gear in workshops around the map! Almost all mobs have custom drops, and all weapons have custom attack damage and attack speed. Armor gives you max health and armor. The possibilities are huge!
i recommend the John Smith resource pack and the Shaders Mod for ultimate gameplay

Creditthanks to Gabriel_Moose and Eivindno for helping me build!
Progress100% complete

23 Update Logs

The Crafting Update! : by drefvelin 09/09/2017 6:58:19 amSep 9th, 2017

Ive spent a lot of time fixing bugs and adding a new custom crafting feature.
By going to the workshop behind the great river fields you can craft your own tier 1 gear using scraps and other materials! you get scraps by killing mobs or by buying them from merchants! i have also added a tutorial island to give new players a better understanding of how to play the map!

+Custom crafting
+Recipe Room
+Mercenaries are now fixed
+tutorial island
+fixed a lot of other bugs

Skeleton dungeon is still being revamped and i dont know how long it will be until it is back up

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12/09/2016 9:04 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Engineer
osesil's Avatar
Wow, this map's come far since I've last seen it :D (Also... It's me, ocecil. I lost the password for that account so this is my new one)
05/28/2016 5:06 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
rileybbal's Avatar
can you change to a different thing then media fire because both me and my computer hate media fire
05/29/2016 1:22 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
drefvelin's Avatar
Sorry but media fire is the easiest site for me to use, and I don't know about any others that are as good as it
11/27/2015 12:45 pm
Level 23 : Expert Chef
ikyman3's Avatar
hmm. I think i will download this
11/24/2015 10:09 am
Level 49 : Master Crafter
mick_5's Avatar
A really cool map, also  you could make the NPC's invulnerable
11/24/2015 11:49 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
drefvelin's Avatar
I would, but I don't have the commands for the NPCs. I forgot to save them
11/25/2015 4:44 pm
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Twitchi's Avatar
you can used teh entitydata command to change their nbt tags..

it'll be something like entitydata @e[NPC selector] {invunrable:1}

but double check that on the wiki ;)
11/26/2015 1:21 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
drefvelin's Avatar
Ok thx
11/14/2015 10:57 pm
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11/14/2015 11:14 pm
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