The Lost Lands

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The Lost Lands

Once, powerful nations ruled the land, able to build sprawling metropolises and send people to the stars. Yet the decline and fall of civilization struck the world at their peak, leaving nothing but ruin. A hundred years have passed and new powers once more vie for power in the lost lands.

Faction Info:
Free Trade Alliance: The global traders of the end times, the FTA may seem aloof but do not be deceived - they haven't survived beacuse of luck. FTA traders can be found in most major settlements, or in their floating bastion of Wanderlust. Should they utterly unite the FTA could devastate most if not all factions with their awesome might - but perhaps their predilection for democracy may be their undoing.
Revivalists: The largest faction in the land, long-ago they scapegoated technology as the cause of the apocalypse. As a result, they rejected advanced technology and reverted to a medieval style of life. While numerous and well-defended, many argue they have grown too complacent and vulnerable.
Last Men Alive: Hardcore survivalists, the LMA have reclaimed their slice of the lost lands with shear ferocity. Deeply distrustful of outsiders, they live isolated from the other factions in their bunkers and hovels. But they hold the most advanced technology of any faction, and most live in fear of their power. However small numbers and an authoritarian lifestyle prevent their domain from expanding.
Scavengers: A loose coalition of survivors who eek out an existence in the ruins of the old world, especially in the great city. They value freedom and independence above all others, and even their leader barely directs them. However their identity is their downfall - they struggle to defend themselves from outsiders.

Technical Info:
This project is a long-term goal of mine, to create an adventure map for people to enjoy. I would like to complete every build as well as add a compelling story and meaningful progression to the world. Will it ever be completed? Probably not, I am only one person. However, I hope you all can enjoy bits and pieces along the way.

I strongly recommend that you make use of my overlay (inside world file to be extracted) and a shader. More info can be found in-world.

Find an issue in the download/map that I'm unaware of? Please let me know, it helps me out greatly.

Rights information is listed in-map, please note I use some minor designs from other creators which are credited on the builds themselves. If you wish to directly use my builds in your own work, please contact me first so that I am aware - however I am usually more happy to let you do such as long as you give me credit.

This map is currently being produced on 1.14.4, however it will be updated to newer versions as the necessary building/render tools are updated to more recent versions.

Have any questions/thoughts/suggestions/etc.? Please comment!
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