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The Mulberry Estate

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avatar TheDenux
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
Welcome to the Mulberry Estate. A huge luxurious estate located just outside the buzzing big city. The house is extremely elegant, simple and flawless in every manner. Some of the features of the house is the big pool, a cinema in the cellar along with a huge collection of the finest wine.

The estate is situated on a huge plot of land surrounded by lovely big oak trees, flowers, bushes and the greenest grass your eyes have ever seen.

I've tried to build the estate itself upon the big outside terrace surrounding most of the house, I think this gives the house a bigger dimension which results in the estate feeling vastly superior to the surrounding area. In other words, this estate will make the neighbours jealous of you!

As always, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions, feedback, criticism or whatever is on your mind, feel free to comment below. I'll try my best to answer all your questions as fast as possible!
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Update #1 : 08/16/2015 10:25:37 amAug 16th, 2015

Download is now up for grabs! :)

08/19/2015 11:35 am
Level 28 : Expert Miner
i have no words to tell how awesome this is XD
08/14/2015 7:39 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
This is absolutely stunning!  The interior is a work of art.  ;)

Do you mind if I feature this on Week in Review?
08/14/2015 8:47 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
Haha, thank you! Go ahead feature it all you want, I'd be an honour :)
08/14/2015 5:15 pm
Level 94 : Overlord Creator
What resource pack did you use for the pics? The house looks great with it!
08/14/2015 5:19 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
Hey man, it's called "Urbancraft".  It's the first time I use it. It's very custom-made, very confusing to build with to be honest. I think it's sadly discontinued as well...
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