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The Sarlacc pit

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so I'm a Star Wars fan and one of my favorite scenes in the movies is the battle over the Sarlacc pit Yet when I look up sarlacc in minecraft on Google, I get some pretty lousy results. One was just a 1x1 hole in the ground with orange clay tentacles. So I decided to recreate this mysterious creature from long ago in a desert far far away. The hardest part was creating the hole where the mouth and tentacles would reside. After that I starred digging out the throat and to my luck, I had dug into a natural cave formation. I decided to turn these caves into the Sarlacc's stomachs. Now we never get to see the inside of the Sarlacc in any Star Wars media. So imagation was required. I started lining the caves and throat with fleshy looking blocks and I spawned in a few undead looking mobs to give a sense of digestion. Anyway here's my Sarlacc and I hop you enjoy
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04/06/2019 1:34 pm
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