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The Seven Deadly Sins adventure map

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Nick_Nicany's Avatar Nick_Nicany
Level 28 : Expert Mage
This is my fisrt adventure map.

It was inspired by the "Diversity" maps.

The challenges are short but relatively difficult. A good challenge for any hardened Minecraft player.

(update:) evedently I made a mistake where players spawned in the lobby instead of the spawn area I had built. I have fixed that now.

(update 2:) I have learned that there are a few bugs in the map design. (spawnpoints, pre-solved challenges, ect.) I have done what I could to fix them. Hopefully there are no more unseen issues with the map.

(update 3:) Added spawnpoints to the WRATH challenge, and a few easter eggs here and there.
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05/28/2018 12:10 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Artist
Shoobadom's Avatar
Awesome map, I love it!

Use more advance /tellraw commands so there is no [@] at the beginning.
06/20/2018 12:04 pm
Level 28 : Expert Mage
Nick_Nicany's Avatar
Thank you for the advice, I'll make use of that in the future. :)

04/27/2018 7:50 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
KelsiThePyrofly's Avatar
I had a lot of fun playing this map. The challenges were difficult but not too difficult, and the concept is super creative. Just so you know, though, I spawned in the main area and did not even realize that there was a starting room until I accidentally spawned there when I died. Here's a video of the map if you're interested:

04/29/2018 12:36 pm
Level 28 : Expert Mage
Nick_Nicany's Avatar
I think I see what you're talking about. I will re-post this map soon and the main starting area I had planned should be where you fisrt spawn.

Also, I noticed that the puzzles in the PRIDE challenge were mistakingly left solved, I will fix that as well...

Thanks for letting me know about this, and thank you for playing my map!

(btw... It's "sir", you got it right the first time.)
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