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Teen Titans Tower

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Titans Tower is a fictional building in the DC Comics universe. Its various incarnations have been home to the superhero team called the Titans. Although the location and the actual look of the tower has changed throughout the various series, there are a few defining characteristics, such as always being shaped to resemble the letter "T".

It was built what I only assume to be 3 times.

The first tower was built by Cyborg's father, Dr. Silas Stone, after his son's accident. It was sited on an island in the East River, New York City. This tower was used as the headquarters for the team throughout The New Teen Titans and New Titans series. At one point, it was destroyed by Trigon, but rebuilt to Dr. Stone's design with some enhancements. It was eventually and ultimately destroyed by the Wildebeest Society in New Titans #76 (June 1991). Because the Titans had fallen out of favor with the local authorities, the tower was not rebuilt.

The second tower was built in the same location by Cyborg himself in the JLA/Titans miniseries. It was not an actual tower, but a hologram, with the real headquarters far beneath the ground. This was done to confuse supervillains and to keep them from attacking the real base. It was the team's base during the 1999–2002 Titans series, before being destroyed by a villain named Epsilon. This incarnation of the team disbanded before the headquarters could be rebuilt.

The current Titans Tower is located in San Francisco. It was again designed by Cyborg, and was built by the city council, in exchange for which the Titans are responsible for dealing with the city's supervillains. This tower resembles Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater.
The outside of the tower features a sculpture commemorating the founders of the Titans, Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy. While the sculpture appeared to crumble in Infinite Crisis #5, Teen Titans vol. 3, #33 depicted the sculpture still standing.

I built it a 4th. time. Here in Minecraft for your enjoyment.

Project Details: It was inspired by images I found online of the Titans Tower from the cartoon series.

* Exterior Design (60% Complete): It is still missing the Titans Island and the whole underground segment of the build. That is a work in progress.

Internal Design (Work in Progress 20% Complete): This build has several floors and hubs. Including but not limited to...

(Ground Up)
  • Titan Tower Lobby Floor - Much like the lobby of a major hotel or casino. It's small, yet grand. It's colorful and echoey. Nothing much to look at though. You must go up.
  • Crime Lab - Is where the labs from current and previous crime investigations happen. It even has a dark room for old-world flash photo development.
  • Evidence Lab - Is where research on current and previous crimes are done. It has a massive somewhat small, yet interesting large library and an evidence lock up for good measure.
  • Infirmary Floor - Someone called a medic? Yeah, basically a mini-hospital.
  • Gym Floor - Is where the Team gets they swoll on. This is more than likely where you would hear Robin asking Beastboy and Cyborg..."Do you even lift bro." Cause that's what he does I guess. Lol
  • Danger Room / Training Room - This nasty little room is where the team hones their Titan Skills. It is equipped with lasers, phasers, razors, and tasers all in the name of a little fun and hopefully, no saw to butt action.
  • Monitor Room - If it is going down. The team needs to know. This is where they are violating our privacy and stuff bro. Monitoring the world and stuff.
  • Titans Lounge on the Top Floor Cross Sectioned by Titans Dorms, Kitchen, and various other aspects of living quarters. Etc. - This is all basically where the team lives. The Penthouse Suite. The Creme de la Creme, the Grand Titans Palace. I mean not really. It's just the Teens Apartments, kitchen, bathrooms and things like that. But I think you are getting the point.
(Ground Down)
  • Not Built Yet.

* Color Palette (Vanilla Textures): Lots and Lots of Quarts, Cyan Clay Block, Iron Block, Black Stained Glass Block, as well as several other block variations for design and ingenuity. Also maybe some Concretes...not sure yet. Yeah, you know what...Concretes too.

Teen Titans Tower Minecraft Map

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