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The Ultimate Squid Farm (480 Ink/h)

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dextersworld's Avatar dextersworld
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
The Ultimate Squid Farm
Combined with our String Tower supplies infinite black/gray wool for our survival server. (String tower: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XtifQTWN-g)

These Floors currently provide 480 Ink Sacs an hour. more will be added over time to increase the droprate.
I've not seen any other youtube vid with a good squid farm before but we had this farm for like 5months now :D, time to share!

* Find an area that has almost no water/seas, 244x244 preferred 288x288.
* Or spend time on filling all the water lakes.
* Look for underground water lakes/sources and slowly remove them all to increase droprate.
* Make these huge stairs with the last blocks 2 wide.
* Leave 4 space between the floors, with only 3 blocks height the squid can get stuck.
* Place signs at the end to stop the water.
* Make sure you have source blocks on every block. (this means alot of work :)) But Squids only spawn in source blocks from what I've seen so far.
* Wiki says: 1 or more blocks of water, any light level, spawning block must be between level 45 and 62, inclusive. (so there not sure but be sure to cover those levels)
* Squid have 10 health and need to drop atleast ~14 blocks to die.
* Water may break there fall, but fences decreases there chance for survival.
* The lava in the end is for those who survive. There is the standard mob lava trap with ladders, But I needed to add the lava+fence on the end, since sometimes a squid escaped.

When I'm in the mood I'll add more floors to this trap on the other side. Snce you can copy the design and mirror it to increase spawn area.

This is how I required the huge amount of black wool for my other projects:
Japanese the black castle
And the big black hall in our overworld xp grinder.

Build by:
On our private non-cheat survival zwik server
Recorded in singleplayer with a world copy :)
Progress50% complete

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