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The Williams Building, Redone Facade: The Bakerstown Project

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Nippy Pawster's Avatar Nippy Pawster
Level 47 : Master Architect
The Williams Building, Redone Facade

The Building here is one that i wanted to build for a couple days and is based off of the 875 North Michigan Avenue AKA John Hancock Center in Chicago. This building that i built took me a full day to build and get right. The building is 45 stories and is at this point the tallest building in the city. I redid the facade so it looked better and definitely more realistic.

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Check out my old city project, The Bakerstown Project

Attention! If you wish to use any of this project on a private world, server and or video you must give credit. Its only fair.
Credit875 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Chunky
Progress5% complete

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Update #1 : by Nippy Pawster 03/25/2018 8:40:33 pmMar 25th, 2018

  • Redone Facade
  • Updated the pictures

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03/26/2018 8:53 am
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Leton Vignec
Leton Vignec's Avatar
So, is it a reproduction of the J. Hancock Building or not? Because if it is so, you should have take in consideration the shape of the building, I had to get across the last image (the real-life aerial view) to realize it was the JHC :/
To make the roof looking less boring, i advise you to change its texture to a mix 50/50 of stone and cobblestone, it's the texture i always use for roofs like these, and it works well. You can also put vents, pipe and stuff, aswell as radio equipment :)
03/26/2018 5:50 pm
Level 47 : Master Architect
Nippy Pawster
Nippy Pawster's Avatar
Well first thing is its based off of 875 North Michigan Avenue, not an exact copy due to the Williams Building hitting the max height and due to my scale, which made it only being able to be 45 stories tall, and would be impossible to make an exact copy due to my scale and the height limit, so I did my own thing with it. OK your other question about the shape, yes I could have done the shape but i didn't. Your concern about knowing it was based off of "John Hancock Center" which its not called that anymore so here's the link to explain that https://chicago.suntimes.com/entertainment/report-john-hancock-losing-its-john-hancock-becoming-875-n-michigan-ave/. The roof hahaha get ready for this... One it says 5% complete so its not done and two I build and use the closest to the real materials and look that would really be used, like for different types of clay bricks, is to use terracotta. You wont see me be cheap and use stone in the place of concrete, gravel, or tar. that"s a noob thing. Another thing, I have a thing for not overbuilding but not under building and thats why my city looks the way it does. Last of all i want to add this, I have done a lot of research spending hours and hours and made a lot of mental notes on buildings, been playing enough, Think about every possible scenario, and am confidant in my building techniques to do my own thing and to not worry about what anyone else says and to keep doing my own thing. Any more questions or comments Please take to private messages. I will be happy to answer them there. Thank you and have a good day.
03/20/2018 1:07 am
Level 47 : Master Architect
Blax02's Avatar
Nice build man, but add some detail to the plaza area in front of the building since it looks kinda boring in my opinion. But hey, that’s just me. Other than that, keep it up :D
03/21/2018 12:32 am
Level 47 : Master Architect
Nippy Pawster
Nippy Pawster's Avatar
I am aware. Sometimes I leave stuff blank so that when I get better at building, I'm able to add more detail when I come across enough references, or it's not in the right spot and I'll move it later. Another thing is I'm thinking about changing the facade, shape and adding more detail to the roof, which I will have to do a lot of research to be able to do it properly and to the most realistic that I can make it, without under building or over building. I and planning on making release 3 fully done with detail like Central Square, I want to put trees and completely redo the sidewalks to the corners and sides and some more Interiors in the buildings that I want to keep, add some add some trees, stop lights, garbage cans, some more roof details, because I don't always add Interiors because I'm not sure if I want to keep the building or not and it's a waste time adding Interiors then delete and replace the building, so that's why not every building has Interiors.
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