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Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Hello there

This world has been my first world I made in Minecraft. It is a city built in an existing NPC village. There are buildings added in the style of the NPC villages in older versions of Minecraft. The bedrock wall was built to protect me from monsters as I was not good at it. Everything apart from that has been built in survival.

Tho-Town was originally built in Minecraft 1.5.2 and has been modified and updated to Minecraft 1.14! As this is an old world, there are features that are outdated by now but hey, it still works.

  1. Bedrock wall that blocks creepers from destroying my town built in Creative mode because I did not want my city to be destroyed in that time. Now there is an option to disable monsters but it was not available then.
  2. Lava moat around bedrock walls.
  3. TNT Cannons on top of gates and arrow dispensers.
  4. Piston gates which close at night automatically by use of a daylight sensor.
  5. A huge tower of bricks in the middle of the city hich serves as a main base. Here are lava moats and bedrock walls too.
  6. Hidden slimeblock escape system when you jump from the tower. You can see them as it is built under carpets.
  7. Six beacons with all possible boosts.
  8. Redstone lamps connected with daylight sensor to light the streets at night to keep monsters away from spawning in.
  9. Iron Golems as guards or as free iron.
  10. Farms for every kind of food. Potatoes, sugar, wheat, carrots, beetroot, cacao beans, pumpkins, melons, netherward and chorus.
  11. Shops are built with storage as it is fun to have stores. There are four stores/shops to visit with chests filled with resources.
  12. Existing NPC buildings have been improved on the inside.
  13. Custom build bakery, butchery, library, inn and mining facility in the style of NPC buildings.
  14. Lots of dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds! In the mining facility there are two entrances which lead to different parts of underground structures!
  15. Mob spawners and safety roads behind glass.
  16. Custom built village called "The Hill" which is visitable by Minecart rails if you use the railway station outside of Tho-Town.
  17. Amazing farms inside the main base.

Please pay attention this is a old world from a time I was not good at speaking English so lots of signs are written terribly haha.
Feel free to leave bugs or suggestions in the comments down below.

CreditTho Bov
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 Support : by Thobov 09/19/2019 8:00:46 amSep 19th, 2019

In this little update:
  • Updated the world to Minecraft version 1.14
  • Some waterflows have been fixed to support 1.13 and 1.14
  • Lightning issues in the mines have been fixed by re-rendering the world.
Please leave bugs or suggestions down below in the comments.


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