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Tin Fu Court, Hong Kong | 香港天水圍天富苑

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Tin Fu Court, Hong Kong | 香港天水圍天富苑 Minecraft Map

(This project is specially made for Minecraft version 1.12 or above.)

甲部 - 最新進度及背景資訊
Section A - Progress and Background Information
Tin Fu Court, Hong Kong | 香港天水圍天富苑 Minecraft MapTin Fu Court, Hong Kong | 香港天水圍天富苑 Minecraft Map

Current Progress 最新進度消息 (14/05/19)
Project Completeness
Estimated Completeness
Project Facade 樓宇外觀
Unit Partitions 單位間隔
Project Interior 室內擺設
Project Environment 項目環境

Replica Precision
Estimated Level of Precision
Project Facade 樓宇外觀
Unit Partitions 單位間隔
Project Interior 室內擺設
Not Available 不適用
Project Environment 項目環境
Not Available 不適用

Project Publication
Estimated Completeness
PMC Information Page 資訊頁
Published 已發佈
World-Save (Larger Scale Edition) 大比例版本地圖檔
Not Available 不適用
Pending 暫未發佈
Schematics (Larger Scale Edition) 大比例版本藍本檔
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Pending 暫未發佈
Sketchfab (Larger Scale Edition)
Not Available 不適用
Pending 暫未發佈

Overall Completeness
Estimated Completeness
Overall Completeness 總體完成度
A Note From The Author 作者的話
This project is to replicate a typical Hong Kong government subsidized housing apartment in great details. It is a purely spontaneous fan-made project, and shall always be available online with free updates and downloads.

The French Modernist Master Le Corbusier had his most famous maxim, "A house is a machine to live in". Indeed, in a densely populated city like Hong Kong, apartments might have really become a housing machine, a rational system for squeezing a large portion of its population into a designated, tiny area of development to achieve a so-called high land efficiency. After all, the design has to guarantee a minimum quality of living, and that's what we have got here: the crazy and boring Standard Block approach. In this system, the Authority would develop a series of standardised housing options with pre-defined "properties", which later on could be utilized as a copy-and-paste master plan. Different variations in design like the I shape, H shape and L shape blocks are also introduced to serve a wide range of needs.

Hong Kong's very limited land resources availability has paved the way for these public housing prototypes to flourish. Its omnipresence, someone loves it, and many hate it. But no matter what, Hong Kong is still the place I love, and I like these structures very much, very very much! they are so lovely and clean!

This project is, therefore, in place to introduce a modern housing solution implemented by the Hong Kong Government to everyone interested. Enjoy yourself here, and I sincerely wish that you would love this project as much as I do!

Content and Language refined on 15/05/19 by Kay.
About Tin Fu Court 關於天富苑
Well Equipped and Close to Nature
With the Hong Kong Wetland Park and Tin Shui Wai Park lying in the vicinity, Tin Fu Court enjoys a green neighbourhood. Residents can easily reach the 61-hectare Wetland Park that demonstrates the diversity of Hong Kong's wetland ecosystem. They can also make use of the sports facilities and swimming pools right next to Tin Shui Wai Park.Tin Fu Court is equipped with ample children playgrounds, sitting-out areas and various courts for basketball, badminton and volleyball. Education needs are well met as there are a number of secondary and primary schools nearby. The adjacent Chung Fu Shopping Centre is a major retail facility in the district with a wide range of shops and a wet market.

Convenient Transportation
Tin Fu Court is located right next to Tin Fu LRT Station. Changing at Tin Shui Wai MTR Station for the West Rail, residents can reach the urban area easily. The completion of the West Rail extension line has further shortened the travelling time between south Kowloon and the district. Alternatively, residents can take the various lines of buses to the urban area by way of Route 3. Adding to the vicinity's connectivity is the Shenzhen Bay Bridge, which provides easy access to Mainland China.There is a car park in the Court providing 734 car parking spaces and 71 motor cycle parking spaces for residents and visitors.

Practical Block Design
Tin Fu Court comprises 16 Concord blocks of 41 storeys each. The residential units come in two- and three-bedroom layouts, the latter even features a master bedroom with en suite bathroom.

From: https://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/hdw/en/residential/hos/phase6/mc_tinfu.html
About The Home Ownership Scheme 關於居者有其屋計畫
What is it?
The Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) is a major component of the current Hong Kong public housing policy. It is a government subsidized-sale programme fully managed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. It was first launched in the late-1970s as a key policy, to encourage relatively affluent tenants from the public rental housing (PRH) scheme to vacate their flats for re-allocation to families of greater housing needs. It also provides home-ownership opportunities to families who could barely afford a flat in the private market, bridging the gap between affordable, sustainable housing and home ownership.

How it works?
Under the scheme, the government sells apartment flats with basic amenities to eligible public housing tenants at an affordable price below the market level, usually at a discount of up to 40%. However, there are appropriate measures introduced by the government to restrict the resale of flats in the second-hand market, and with that, the flat holders would need to pay a premium equal to the updated value of the discount given on the original purchase. This is to avoid any potential abuse of Hong Kong's precious public housing resources.

What happened in 2003-2011?
In 2003, the real estate crisis has forced the government to indefinitely pause all the development of new Home Ownership Scheme estates. The government, however, announced to resume the Home Ownership Scheme in late-2011 since more and more Hong Kong people have expressed their unhappiness and disappointments because of the increasing difficulties for purchasing a flat in the private market.

Future trends
By now, the population had become more affluent and expectations for public housing standards grew. The Housing Authority, therefore, builds homes with better quality fittings, and refined the designs and layouts of common facilities in the neighbourhoods. It is believed that a higher home-ownership rate would lend social and political stability to Hong Kong.

Content and Language refined on 15/05/19 by Kay.
About Concord I, Concept of Design 關於康和一型及其設計理念
I. Introduction

The Concord I is one of the latest apartment prototype published by the Housing Department of Hong Kong, with the adoption of a completely new concept in its designs, which could be exemplified by the new positions of the drying facilities and more. This cruciform prototype has 2 very similar variances, known as the Options, and they are the Option 1 and Option 2, in which they could only be distinguished with just the difference of 1 bay.

It was at first solely designed for the Home Ownership Scheme's projects, a subsidized Flat-for-Sale programme of public housing in Hong Kong managed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. The units are thus bigger in size when comparing to the one in the Public Rental Housing, and it could be comparable to the private estates in terms of its designs.

II. Concord I, a typical Housing Machine prototype
康和一式 - 典型的住宅機器

Illustrations 解說

The Concord I prototype is of a 4-wing cruciform, with 8 units on each floor and 2 units on each side of the wing. For the Option I, the whole floor is triple roomed while for the Option II, 2 of the wings are triple roomed and the remaining 2 wings are double roomed. With the application of the cruciform in its design, The Concord I has successfully proven itself the ability to maximize the development outcome by using up all the potential land resources in the way of increasing the Plot Ratios to its extreme.



Even the numbers of floors are standardised. It is usually set at a maximum of 40 floors to intentionally avoid the need of fulfilling the requirement of adding a Refugee Floor/Area of Refuge (in case of a fire) in the design in accordance to the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance. This is to minimize the construction cost.


Design Variance

The Standardised design were implemented in a huge scale, without much variances in design, just like a copy and paste without Site-Specific Design, and thus was being criticised for being tedious and inhumane. However, this kind of sameness was very efficient in lowering the cost for the architectural design. Most importantly, the continuous utilization of the this cruciform could even further maximise the development outcome.


Service Core

Double Concourses, with 4 high efficient lifts and 2 emergency stairways (in case of a fire).



The Concord prototype could work very well with the Modular and prefabricated construction method to facilitate the use of a more streamlined form-work in the production process. The precast stairways, precast external walls, precast tables, and Semi-precast slab are all prefabs and would be transported to the construction site for installation. This could drastically lower the construction cost and at the same time to speed up the construction process.


Living Units

The design was community-centered. The unit is designed to be comfortable and spacious, under the premises of providing the residents with a cosy place to live in, so that they can make full use of their spaces and flexibly arrange according to their own needs and circumstances.


Ultimate Targets

To maximize the development potential of the project site, while using our utmost efforts to avoid the possibility of exceeding different development limits and restrictions set by various statutory bodies, which includes but not limited to the City Planning Ordinance, the Buildings Ordinance and the Fire Safety Ordinance, in order to achieve the highest possible Plot Ratio, at a limited construction cost, and within a limited site area with the continuous adoption of the most economic design (The Concord I). This is one of the solutions by the government of Hong Kong to ease the pressure on the long waiting List for applying the Public Housing, as well as to increase the rental income.


III. The difference between the 2 derivatives of the Concord I prototype: Option 1 and 2

The flat units of the Option 2 are all triple roomed while for the Option 1, units were double roomed in 2 of the opposite wings since there is a deduction of a row of windows, as highlighted in the picture, leading to a smaller unit size. Thus, for the Option 1, there are 4 double roomed units in 2 of the wings and 4 triple roomed units in the remaining 2 wings. Not much difference between the two derivatives as you could discovered, but it would be of essentially useful in the development consideration when dealing with some of the city planning restrictions. It could also provide a flexibility in providing sufficient units for different family sizes.

IV. How was the Concord I being built in real life?

Here is a link to a detailed article written by the Principal Lecturer, Dr Howard Wu, from the Division of Building Science and Technology of the City University of Hong Kong, about the Standard Harmony and Concord Construction procedures.

乙部 - 平面圖, 精選渲染及封頁
Section B - Plans, Featured Renders and Covers

Featured Renders 精選渲染

Elevation Plans 立面圖

Featured Covers: Theme Grey 精選封頁: 灰色主題

Featured Covers: Theme Blueprint 精選封頁: 藍圖主題

丙部 - 指示, 條款聲明及附錄
Section C - Instructions, Terms and Appendix

Disclaimer 免責聲明
The utilisation of the Hong Kong Housing Authority's logo and any of its official documents such as photos, floor plans and elevation plans are just to serve as a reference , at the same time, to enhance the overall visual experience. Neither shall the project be misinterpreted as an intended impersonation of the Hong Kong Government and its departments, nor be falsely considered as a government-affiliated project. Please note that the replica itself is not necessarily an exact recreation of the one in the real world. It might not be built in scale. I would, therefore, reserve all the rights to interpret how the replica actually look like in this project. Minor details and insignificant aesthetic elements might be subject to change upon my free will.
Terms of Use 使用條款
1. You are allowed to redistribute, repost or reupload this project, from planetminecraft, to any other forums (e.g. mcbbs, minecraft-forum etc.), without the need to request further permissions from the author, but under the prerequisite of citing proper credits. You shall specify the name of the author, and to provide a link to this page. Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute, repost or reupload this stand-a-lone project in planetminecraft.

2. Feel free to use this project for any personal purposes (e.g. single-player, private servers etc.), without the need of giving credits, if and only if you are not redistributing it to the public via any means.

3. You are allowed to use this project for any public uses (e.g. public projects, public servers etc.), without the need to request further permissions from the author, but you have to provide proper credits. You shall specify the name of the author, or to provide a link to this page.

4. You are not allowed to claim this project as yours, with or without making any changes. You would have to give proper credits if you really need to use the building in your project.

5. Always follow the PMC common submission rules and use common sense.
Instructions for Download & Installation 下載及安裝指示
World Save
Not Available

Not Available

If the link is not working, or you have any difficulties installing the world save, please feel free to message me, or to comment down below.
Appendix: Reference Documents 附錄:參考文件
The following typical floor plans of standard blocks of public rental housing (PRH) estates are for reference only. They do not represent all PRH block types. Please note that the layout of individual flats or floors may also vary.
Official Documents extracted from the Official Online Portal of the Hong Kong Housing Authority at:

Appendix: In Real Life 附錄:實景
The whole Tin Fu Court is composed of Concord I Option 1 and 2 prototypes.

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