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To Begin Again

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Level 53 : Grandmaster Taco

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Mars was once a thriving planet, much similar to Earth but not quite. Mars lacked a high biodiversity and intelligent life like that of Earth's. Humans have evolved and conquered Earth, advancing in technology, becoming a truly intelligent life form. On Mars however, intelligent life has never arose. This made Mars labeled as a failure planet, putting it on the blacklist.

While we were busy trying to get to the moon, the fatal doomsday on mars took place. The total annihilation of organic life.

There are celestial beings that keep watch over the universe. The highest level of intelligent life, with enhanced genetics and bio cybernetics, they wield incredible advanced technological devices and can control space and time on a minute scale. Their job is to keep watch on their designated solar system, to breed new intelligent life forms. If a planet fails to have any, it will begin again.

Phase 1 is to destroy. A machine that kills all un-intelligent life forms on the planet. Accompanied by the flower of death and a celestial being, both will charge it with antimatter. A side-effect of that process is a strong gravitational flux, slowly destroying the planet.

Phase 2 is to create. Flower of death will change to its life form, scattering a randomly generated assortment of organic life across the planet. These microscopic life forms are new kinds of bacteria, with hopes to eventually evolve into intelligent life.

January 4th, 2004 we landed the first rover on Mars. What we found was just a wasteland. The aftermath. Not yet to discover these microscopic organisms.

Humans have seen these celestial beings before, multiple times. Each visit was recorded with a monument dedicated to their arrival. Stonehenge, Pyramids, Moai heads, cave drawings, all different interpretations of what these early humans thought. We have stood the test of time for intelligent life.

We have stood the test of time many times, although it has been quite some time since we've last seen a visit from them. What will they think of us when they witness the homicide of our own species? Surely we will endure the same fate as Mars if we do not learn to love, cooperate, put aside our differences.


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Voxel Sniper



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04/15/2016 7:10 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Demolitionist
Zioka_'s Avatar
This stuff is totally bizarre therefore you get an up-diamond.
12/23/2015 1:13 pm
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
bowbuilder's Avatar
scary XD
12/06/2015 5:40 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy's Avatar
Those staring eyes in the build.
11/29/2015 12:02 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Blacksmith
PixelCrest Studios
PixelCrest Studios's Avatar
This is probably going to be disqualifiyed "You must use the map and terrain provided, without drastically altering what has been provided" ~Mars Contest Rules
11/30/2015 12:49 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Architect
JasonKingBW's Avatar
Um... First up, he did use the map and terrain provided. Secondly, he hasn't drastically altered the terrain, its the same terrain but with different textures. So this project is legitimate
11/29/2015 8:43 am
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
thorelind's Avatar
You are right.
11/29/2015 5:29 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Engineer
_Alexius_'s Avatar
you are right.
11/28/2015 8:27 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant's Avatar
So weird.  I love it!  xD
11/28/2015 3:18 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Pixel Painter
Sardonyx's Avatar
You are going to win... :P
11/28/2015 1:25 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
txg_'s Avatar
looks really good

PS i'm probably being dumb but 'You must use the map and terrain provided, without drastically altering what has been provided'
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