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avatar Nanairo
Level 24 : Expert Crafter
灯篭流し-Toro nagashi- (Lantern floating)

Toro nagashi is a Japanese ceremony during Bon festival in which participants float paper lanterns down a river.

We send ancestors' spirits off by floating lighted lanterns down rivers to the ocean, because it is believed that spirits exist in mountains and on rivers.


Skins:made by me


Thank you for watching.
Progress15% complete

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08/16/2019 5:57 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Hey, Everyone, I hope you are all reading this because I am posting these requests for all of you Minecraft Builders out there! I am in the process of making a MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE MAP and I am looking for some help to build this map. So far I am working on the X-Mansion and I just stared this Map 9 Days Ago, and everything is going very well, but things could go a lot faster and better if I can get help with this project. I promise to give FULL credit to anyone that helps me! My number of builders wanting to help are ENDLESS! I may only be at level 4 or so, but that is only because I just started using PlanetMinecraft and just started making this Map 9 Days ago, but I have been playing Minecraft for around 4 years, and I am an awesome builder! If you have any Questions or Concerns or Interested in wanting to be a part of this Minecraft build, please contact Jp7 by Private Messaging me as soon as you can! I hope you will not mind a very short Interview when Interested in Joining. However, there are some requirements in wanting to join this Minecraft Project and I Hope You Are Up To It, and the requirements will be down below!

I hope you can handle it:

1. Must have at least some kind of AWESOME SkillS when it comes to Creative Minecraft (Ex. Restone, Commands, Building, etc.)
2. Responsibility
3. Kindness and Confidence
4. Passion for Minecraft
5. Ages 13-17 (NOTHING PERSONAL)
6. TRY to at least but in a half an hour 6 Days a Week (Breaks will be allowed)

Thanks, and I think we will be an AWESOME TEAM!



Great Map!
08/13/2019 8:50 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Artist
Loved it, it's beautiful. You made Minecraft feels lively
08/12/2019 8:25 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Ranger

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