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Uyteph-class fighter

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Author's Note
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Programs used:
Minecraft (for building)
Mcedit (for building)
Blender (for renders)
Paint.net (for pictures)

Technical Specifications
Uyteph-class fighter Minecraft Map

Uyteph-class fighter Minecraft Map

Uyteph-class fighter Minecraft Map

The Uyteph-class was a light strike fighter built by Aphet Cere Savvo, an Astachez Federation company headquartered on the Stykeer Station shipyard in the Roccho Republic. The Uyteph was developed as a variant of the Uytean personal starship meant for civilian and government use. Aphet Cere Savvo was contacted by the Roccho Republic's Rechaneir and Typhil organizations, system-specific and national law enforcement respectively, about the possibility of developing a more durable variant of a civilian starship for use as a police vehicle. Both organizations were restructuring and expanding to combat increasing levels of criminal activity as political tensions rose between nations of the Rodain Sector, and as both one of the sector's largest economies and the TAUFOG nation with the highest population density in the sector, organized crime was a serious concern for the Roccho government. Through talks with Rechaneir primarily Aphet Cere Savvo accepted a contract for a light strike craft capable of dealing with converted civilian and commercial starships, as well as previous generation strike craft in a limited capacity. Aphet Cere Savvo chose to modify their Uytean starship design as it was determined to have significant space for the necessary combat systems. A large compartment was added to the aft above the Uytean's single ion thruster, which contained the companies new Cuak-T5001 CCD Oreph fission reactor, delivering over five times the power of the Uytean's Cuak-T4000 reactor. This allowed for the sublight drive system to split into two separate ion thrusters, both fed from a central drive system. Additionally, space for shield projectors was made by removing storage compartments normally found at the bottom of the ship, and above that area twin light laser cannons were mounted for offensive capability. Although nowhere near strong enough to engage modern military strike craft, these laser cannons had a high rate of fire and were more than capable of stripping the shields from even a large commercial freighter, and accurate enough to destroy specific critical subsystems to disable criminally-operated vessels. Indeed, the low power of the weapons was seen as a selling point by law enforcement organizations, who ideally did not want to seriously damage or destroy their targets as it would potentially kill the suspects they would want to arrest. The Uyteph was very well received by the Roccho government, and Aphet Cere Savvo would offer the fighter to other governments in the Rodain and neighboring Asadol sectors, making a healthy profit during the 53 years the strike craft was in production.

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Update #1 : by Skallord 07/21/2022 9:43:30 pmJul 21st

-Updated build with 1.18 blocks

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