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    • Skallord
      March 16, 2020, 5:06 pm to Public
      Two quick things:

      First, I've created a folder which will eventually contain all of my ship schematic files, so anyone who wants to place them in their own worlds can do so (keep in mind you still have to provide proper credit if public). You can find this archive by going to my PMC profile page and opening the spoiler bar in the "About Me" widget. It's on the left of my page. These schematics are generally of a lower quality than what is shown on this site, and some may be incomplete, but I've received enough requests for schematics that I felt this would be a good option.

      Second, I may have to slow down posting over the next few weeks. I have to adjust to online classes and other issues caused by COVID-19, as my university has been making the shift like many others. I still intend to provide at least one new thing per week, even if that's only an update to an old project. Hopefully I'll get used to this situation quickly and be able to maintain my upload schedule.

      Thanks for listening.

      Kpepper15 said 2020-03-19 09:56:04
      Good luck with that corona man!
      Skallord replied to Rossky's comment below 2020-03-18 21:35:02
      I am a pretty optimistic person. And younger, which goes hand in hand. We'll see how things are going in a month or two.
      Rossky replied to Skallord's comment below 2020-03-18 20:11:31
      You're very optimistic. We're close to a potential lockdown in Germany (something I would actually really like to see for various reasons). My new employer, who I was supposed to start working for at the 1st of next month called today to tell me nobody would be in to actually welcome me, or prepare a laptop for me to take home, so I will be off until 27th of april, which is in 6 weeks.
      Skallord replied to Rossky's comment below 2020-03-18 01:33:57
      Oh, it won't take up more time once I adjust. The issue is just the next week or two where everything's crazy. I've got to figure out how to have some essential stuff shipped back home, and while I'll have more time overall right now I need to focus on getting everything set up. There's been a lot of emails and calls with the school and teachers since they're figuring out things at the same time. Also, it's only my first year, so I don't have a ton of classes or coursework. Honestly all of the chaos is reducing my free time, not increasing it. It shouldn't last long though.
      Rossky said 2020-03-17 22:21:41
      As someone working from home office since friday: How come taking part in school lectures actually take up more of your time? I've got so much more free time now, not only because I don't have to commute to my workplace right now, but also since I can get a whole lot of home related tasks done during downtimes.
    • Skallord
      March 8, 2020, 11:18 pm to Public
      Just a quick update. I'll be posting this weekend's new ship tomorrow instead of today. The plan was to update the Lhemon-class (now Linoph-class) on Saturday and upload a new light carrier design on Sunday, but I forgot I was flying home on Saturday and I didn't have the time. Don't worry, the new ship is already finished and I only need to do the description, so it will be live early tomorrow.

      You can check out the updated Linoph-class patrol cruiser now.
    • Skallord
      February 29, 2020, 3:05 pm to Public
      So, it's been a while.

      A lot of things happened that kept me from posting for the last two years. Senior year of high school/first year of college have been the two big ones, but there have been others. I won't go into details, because the only important thing is that I was inactive on Planet Minecraft, but that's changing now.

      Although I haven't been posting any new projects since early 2018, I haven't really stopped building. I've updated my channel page art on a few occasions, and I have a number of projects that I sat on for years, never having the motivation to post them. Over the coming weeks I'll be posting at least one new capital ship per week. The first of those will be live as soon as I release this wall post: the Eerie class patrol cruiser. I'm also updating my old projects to 1.15, with much more detailed greeble and other visual improvements. I'll be updating one old ship per week. Finally, I have a few dozen small starfighters, space station mini-models, and other small projects which I'll release gradually alongside the other things.

      You'll also hopefully be able to see new channel art soon. I'm working on a new and improved channel banner, and I want to get more art on the various widgets.

      To sum things up, expect to see a lot of new projects and updated old projects in the near future. I've got some big things in the works, and a really large project coming towards the end of summer, if things work out.

      Thanks for waiting; I'll make it worth it.

      Kpepper15 said 2020-03-01 10:49:36
      The King of Greeble is back!!!!!!!!!! Let's go!!!!!!
    • Skallord
      January 27, 2018, 9:46 pm to Public
      So, varying degrees of bad and good news. Firstly, I was unable to complete all of the revisions I wanted - this is mostly because of finals, which took over my schedule. Apologies for that. Restoring my old projects will become an ongoing endeavour throughout February and March if necessary.

      The next bit of news is a bit more unfortunate. During routine updates on my main computer, something occured and broke the system. I went through extensive troubleshooting, and after much work was reluctantly forced to perform a factory reset. This means I will need to spend the next week reinstalling apps and recovering what I can. Any plans for next month are being put on hiatus. I'll likely have updates as soon as possible.

      Very fortunately, I have backups of much of my work on multiple USBs and on the cloud. This means a good portion of my work isn't lost, but there were some major builds which very likely were destroyed. I still need to carefully go through everything to find out what exactly I have lost, but I'm happy it isn't everything. Hopefully, I can continue my work in short order. If not, you'll hear from me the moment I learn of further complications.

      Kpepper15 said 2019-10-26 14:26:54
      Hey man, I truly want to know if you are still posting, because I find your work really inspiring and would like to know if you are planning on stopping your builds for a while. Thanks.
      Kpepper15 said 2019-10-26 14:22:58
      Hey man! Are you still posting? What happened?
      Skallord replied to Laserbilly's comment below 2018-01-28 13:04:17
      I got most of my stuff, as far as I can tell. The only major loss was, ironically, something I was thinking of starting over. Not like this, but it works.
      Laserbilly said 2018-01-28 10:06:09
      Oh that sucks! A month or so ago I lost my usb drive with all my future projects on it. Hopefully you can recover most or all of your stuff.
    • Skallord
      January 2, 2018, 1:09 pm to Public
      So, time for a wave of updates. This month will follow a more informal schedule, as I have finals. If you missed the announcement, this month will be updates to old content - I'm finally doing the descriptions for my older things, as well as bringing the builds to what I deem an acceptable standard in detail. The upload schedule tab on the upcoming projects widget shows what I am updating, and once projects have been updated they will be marked in this tab. I'd suggest checking the tab every week or so, since some of the projects have changes which I don't think are enough to actually bump the project up. This means that some of the things won't show a notification when they are changed, so consulting the schedule will help catch when things change.

      A few other random things: there is now a scale chart on my channel page showing all of the capital ships I've built, which I'd suggest checking out; I plan on updating the chart every month, and once the next wave of uploads rolls around there will be silhouettes of the projects I'm uploading so you can see the size of what I'm posting. The format of my channel page has changed as well, and I'm working on putting more art onto it.


      Also, doing this on my birthday, because my gift is giving to you guys.
      Laserbilly said 2018-01-03 17:07:49
      I'm a BIG fan of your size comparison chart! It looks fantastic!
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