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U.M. Military complex

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Paladin Lord Isaac's Avatar Paladin Lord Isaac
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
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UMMC or United Minecraft military complex

The biggest and most detailed military complex out there.
Over 70.000 chuncks in size

Why is it called UM?
Because its supposed to be an international military station and Space command and I though instead of the
UN (United nations) I would make my own version and therefor I made the UM (United minecraft) its silly, I know, but eh why not?

About the Complex
I started this in 2012 and have been building upon it since then, on and off.
I use command blocks for a variety of things, such as hangar doors, blast doors, elevators, teleportation and perhaps someday ill make the vehicle elevators with command blocks aswell.
I Started using MCEdit quite recently and have qaudrupeled my work efficency and reduced time drastically.
I've used Worldpainter from the start where I designed the islands to the mountain barriers that surround them.

This map will never be 100% finished, Im always adding more and more to my suprise, sometimes I think I've done all I can then I make major reforms and chage everything, so to be sure, I've atleast remade everything a couple of times.

The Main military island
-Airforce Headquarters
-5 floors underground
-Airforce base
-Underground hangar
-container storage
-Space defence and communications
-Maximum Security prison
-Nuclear power plant
-Stargate Command
-Prototype testing facilities
-Scientific research facilities
-Nuclear shelter

Command island
-Helicopter base
-Communications and security
-Research and development

Mountain Complex
- 5 floors underground *Unfinished*
-Naval Headquarters
-Spaceship hangars
-Underground storage
-Research and development mountaintop bases

-Metro railway system that connects to all the Islands

Other structures
Hydrodam 1
Hydrodam 2

The End
-UM Naval fleet

The Nether
-Research bunker *Unfinished*

I originally made this for myself to be used with Universal electricity and Flans planes but through the years I've added more and more mods that are compatible with this save and have special rooms and complexes made to compensate for them.

-Galactic craft
-Universal Electricity
  -Atomic science or Resonant induction
  -Open Computers
  -Modular power suits
  - +Other

-Flans mods
  -Flans vehicles
  -Flans Planes
  -Flans Weapons
  - +Other

-SDK weapons
-Mo Explosives
-Mutant creatures
-And this is just the short list, you can use it with variety of mods

Thanks to
Calcalvia, for making the best mods i've come across
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Paladin Lord Isaac 08/22/2015 10:43:36 amAug 22nd, 2015

This map will  be featured on a militaristic official server which is in the making.

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11/03/2015 10:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
anonpmc1880926's Avatar
08/22/2015 9:53 am
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
WizAndre1's Avatar
Looks great you really tried hard for this upload more for higher levels and new Screenshot part from that it's amazing!

Worth a Diamond!
08/22/2015 8:45 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
at first glance this looks like nothing special, no epic looks, some hangars, flat buildings, etc.
but as I listed through the screenshots I saw the greatness in this project :)

espcially now after reading the description it is really worth a diamond if for nothing else than for the time you spent on this, for the details and all stuff tbh.

This is a true military complex!
GL with work on it
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