Underground Library [19w09a]

avatar Cosmic Lightning
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Just a simple underground library I made in latest snapshot. Two weeks, well like 4/5 days but loads of procrastination inbetween plus job hunting. Just wanted to share it.

On the side with words written on the sign post in bottom part, if you drop an item into the black concrete by the door on the left it will open a secret room. Then some buttons do some interesting things and an end rod also opens another secret room by doing something similar, enjoy.

And no, I will not use any other block than diorite, as diorite needs some lovin' to you know.

Although map works on latest, yes you can use it on the snapshot 19w07a & possibly one lower but it does utilize blocks in later snapshots, so it would remove those blocks.
Progress100% complete

03/03/2019 1:58 am
Level 22 : Expert Architect
Armor Stand Productions
Nice job keep up the good work ! Looks really cool!
03/03/2019 9:49 pm
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Cosmic Lightning
Thank you. Teaser Image of next project, a halo style hunger games map.

not much, but it's a start
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