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Unknown | Just your average, everyday Minecraft map

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avatar yoda473
Level 25 : Expert Button Pusher
"I would say something cliche like, 'they didn't deserve to live', but, frankly, they did. I'm just a little sadistic." - Amethyst, Pointless Houses Representative.

Hello, friends, foes, and curious passersby, and welcome to my latest adventure map: Unknown! It's a strange RPG filled with stuff you'd never dream to see in any other RPG, because most of it's much too stupid to put in a regular RPG. All the other RPGs I know of are "serious" and "mature" which prevents them from being anything like this one. Because I strive for innovation, even if it means making something honestly weird. So anyway, enjoy, diamond, favourite, etc, etc.
Clouds: OFF
Everything else can be whatever suits you.

This map requires two mods: CustomNPCs and Swords++.
Don't be afraid, they're not actually hard to install. You'll need to download and install Forge first, and then drag the CustomNPCs and Swords++ files into the "mods" folder at ".minecraft". Just like regular adventure maps.
Don't worry, more will be added every now and then, so brace yourself.
Progress20% complete

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