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This project was made on the 360 since tu12 and been using modding tools I found to keep it alive through the years on the 360 with all the bugs each and every new update brought, you all know the pain. Every time an update came out, your world crashed. Well mine did as well but thanks to opryzelp's mod tool, I could continue working on it. It's only half done because 5 yrs of work on it by yourself is kinda tiring and I'm building a new, better rollercoaster on the 360. Credits are in the map but main credit goes to opryzelp for keeping my map alive all these years. -;) All i had to do was use his tool to convert to pc and than back thus fixing code that 4j messed up, not sure why that worked but it did. Plus in his older tools, I could delete blocks but the stuff on them would stay there. So, it was a bonus.

Goal: Was to build the biggest, baddest, coolest rollercoaster in minecraft that went all over the overworld, into the nether, and into the end and back to the overworld. Console lagged too much on this. -:(

Anyway, do what you will with this, I'm done and tired of it. RIding the rollercoaster works 100% on console so it should work great on pc. It's huge though. I mean huge.

Follow Notes in zip to get it to work on 360 and upload to xbox one if you will.

Also I didn't screw this one up, so pc version should work for you guys now. -;)

Recommended Resource Pack

http://minecraftsix.com/averys-textures-resource-pack/ Download(hit download button in top/right corner)

Seed won't work in newest tu of any minecraft, as it was a seed meant for tu12 of conosle. But still can try. -;)

BTW: Download is 94.5 mb of data.


there is more youtubes on that channel of my rollercoaster, but it doesn't do well in default minecraft texturepack.

100% I'm not working on it
CreditOpryzelp, Avery
Progress100% complete
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