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Sky building bundle [Valcoast City: The city in the sky]

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**Creative mode version at the bottom of the description**

This city is built over an ocean bay in which has an island in the middle of the bay that you will find the central tower hovering above the island itself. This project may not seem like very much, but I had made the map on WorldPainter as a 30x30 scale (3,840 blocks by 3,840 blocks) before I had decided to use the map for this purpose.

With this being my first ever submission for the A.B.S. (Angel Block Society) I had decided to build the buildings and ships within this city in the sky without the aid of MCEdit for a change. But when it came down to it, I had built them all on a separate map at first then eventually did turn to MCEdit for making them into schematics and eventually placed them accordingly to fit in the map, mostly since I am still entirely new to the worldedit function of the SinglePlayerCommands Mod myself. I had been originally planning to post the buildings as a building bundle, but with the consent of Antiqua, I finally realized the error of my idea of the building bundle and had taken up her advice in putting the buildings into an actual map instead. And in doing so, I decided I may as well submit an application to the A.B.S. in order to, hopefully, hone my skills as an MC builder.

I will admit, though, that the map isn't put together to its fullest potential, but despite this factor, I still attempted to get the map together as best as I could without overdoing it. And seeing as how I, myself, have ADHD, it was kind of hard for me to come up with designs for the ships in such a short time all on my own. But I still managed to pull 3 designs out, even though the dual balloon ship and the pirate ship both have the same haul, just with different attachments to them.

So in turn, despite the somewhat poorly (at least in my mind) put together city, I hope the layout of it will not defuse the architecture and designs of the buildings and ships. I hope you all enjoy this and please, let me know what you all think and not just the A.B.S. It'd be helpful if I could also get some advice from what the general PMC public (alongside that of the A.B.S. that is) is looking for out of projects as well.

I hope you all enjoy this project and the buildings I had spent some time on as well.

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  • Single Player Commands (or something that will allow you to fly) to navigate around the buildings and ships. (This on is a much needed mod since the majority, about 90% to 95%, of the map's structures are in the air) [only needed if you do not download the creative mode version].
  • (Optional) REI's minimap mod

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[Name of piece (amount of the piece in the schematics)]
  • Central Docking Tower (1)
  • Mansion (1)
  • Tower (1)
  • House (2)
  • Cottage (1)
  • Barracks (1)
  • Convenient Store (1)
  • Department Store (1)
  • Repair Bay (1)
  • Forge (1)
  • Bar(1)
  • Sky Ship (2)
  • Ocean Ship (1)

  • The ships, more importantly the airships, were inspired by those of Rova's very own ships as well as some of the other ABS members'.
  • Novv's and DeerAssassin0424's building bundles
  • Antiqua's Enchanted Spire (mostly in terms of the lay out for the map and the Central Tower)

**Please keep in mind that I'm not taking credit for anything they have done themselves! Like I said, the projects listed in this sections were inspirations, I did not copy off them in anyway!**

  • Texture Pack used: Antiqua's Aurae Terris TP: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/aurae-terris-256x/
  • The Opti-Fine mod was used during this project
  • Keep in mind that if you don't have the SPC mod (or a mod that will allow you to fly) you will be starting off in the central docks (which are floating) and once you jump off them you will not be able to access it again since the spawn point is on the island under it.

Additional Notes

Texture Pack used in project:
Antiqua's Aurae Terris Texture Pack:

Original Map (without the buildings):

Creative mode version:
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by plyr 09/23/2012 5:05:02 pmSep 23rd, 2012

went through the description and made it a bit less lengthy by adding some of the information in spoilers.

hope it makes it a bit easier to follow

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10/26/2012 6:03 am
Level 41 : Master Unicorn
Dr- Mackeroth
Dr- Mackeroth avatar
Everything's so neat and orderly... It's scary.
06/13/2012 4:09 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Technomancer
Frostgeneral2k avatar
very cool
06/04/2012 6:06 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Fisherman
MCBanHammer avatar
i like it.
06/03/2012 7:59 pm
Level 28 : Expert Elf
Antiqua avatar
Gave you my comments in Skype. Too foul for PLMC.

06/03/2012 8:02 pm
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plyr avatar
BAHAHAHA nice antiqua nice XD

but ya thanks XD
06/03/2012 5:09 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Baconator
Rova avatar
Very nice! I love the various parts you put up with this so you can put them all together. Like a bundle pack. The personal cruiser sky ship, surprisingly, may be my favorite out of the whole bunch XD
06/03/2012 7:58 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Pyro
plyr avatar
lol getting that from you is actually surprising to me and stuff cause your stuff is freakin amazing comparted to this stuff, and i'm talking about mostly the fact about the ships and stuff cause to be honest, those were my first attempts at making them successfull (third time around total for both bases i used total, i used the same base for the dual balloon one and the ocean one just cause i couldn't think of any better designs for either one) XD

but ya glad you like it man.
06/03/2012 4:13 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
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kwel *diamond*
06/03/2012 4:16 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Pyro
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tank ya :D
06/03/2012 4:24 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
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