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Variety: A Multi-Genre Minecraft Map

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FatalVortex's Avatar FatalVortex
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
Don't know what game mode to play? Well, play everything in Variety. A map featuring eight different types of Minecraft gamemodes including Maze, Parkour, Find the Button, Puzzle, Dropper, Trivia, Escape, and Combat.

  This is Variety. A Diversity-inspired map where you can play eight different gamemodes at any time you want. You can leave levels at any time and go back to them later and start different game modes at different times. Also if you get stuck on anything you can just visit my Youtube channel and watch the walkthrough I did of the map! Listed below are the different game modes and the levels that they have.

  • Maze - (9 Levels)
  • Parkour - (9 Levels)
  • Find the Button - (9 Levels)
  • Puzzle - (9 Levels)
  • Dropper - (9 Levels)
  • Trivia - (10 Questions)
  • Escape - (1 Mansion)
  • Combat - (11 Mobs + 1 Boss)
  • 1-4 Players
  • Play on Minecraft version 1.20.1
  • Stay in adventure mode throughout the map, (unless given permission to use creative)
  • Don't teleport anywhere you're not supposed to
  • Just overall don't cheat
Progress100% complete

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05/20/2024 6:12 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Cake
TomatoCake's Avatar
One of the best maps I've ever played, quite difficult at times (our definition of "Simple" and "Easy" seems to be different xD)

It worked well on 1.20.4 except for a parkour timer not counting up, otherwise the map is playable. An update to 1.20.6 wouldn't hurt though too.

In our opinion, the introduction/tutorial is too long, esp. if you've already seen it. Would be nice to have a "Skip" button somewhere to at least skip the delay between messages.

Esp. the Escape room had some things which required luck to find, and we weren't able to get the secret room open normally... We just skipped that part, as well as the primarine quest. Not sure where we were supposed to get the blocks to place from, it's pretty much impossible to guess the task at first place.
08/17/2021 2:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
unicat1289's Avatar
What version is this in?

I can't seem to find it written anywhere
08/31/2021 3:48 am
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
FatalVortex's Avatar
Latest Version. I'll add that to the description. 👍
08/24/2020 5:00 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Princess
Mynckey's Avatar
01/19/2020 4:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
JokingBanana's Avatar
I love this map! My friends and I couldn't get enough of Diversity so this map really helped our need for more maps like this! Consider a sequel!
01/19/2020 5:27 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
FatalVortex's Avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! I honestly don't think I'll ever get around to making a sequel though. Who knows...
09/02/2019 3:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Extrivio's Avatar
Okay map but...

When teleporting to the "second lobby" (after you find the button at the tutorial), I had to go into creative and fix the redstone beneath it. It had seemed that there was a few redstone dust missing in the circuit.
09/02/2019 4:53 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
FatalVortex's Avatar
Thank you for telling me. The current file should be working now.
08/12/2019 3:02 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
WoNeJo's Avatar
Isn't this like... diversity?
08/12/2019 4:03 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
FatalVortex's Avatar
It was inspired by Diversity, yes. It's just basically a map with multiple genres, like Diversity. I even wrote it was an inspiration in the description, to give credit to the Diversity map. It just uses the same idea that Diversity had and doesn't use the same content and levels it had. I wanted mine to be original and I hope it is!
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