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Edit: Just want people to know that i will be adding and removing pictures as time goes on. Once the map is finished i will upload the map file. Also if you would like to submit a house or watch tower or ship... leave a comment and let me know!

Hey guys! Man its been forever since ive been active on minecraft. As you can see from my last post before this... it has been years.

Ive decided to come back strong and build one of my biggest projects ever.

I will be posting a map file soon. Stay tuned.

Let me know what yall guys think and what i should add next into it...

Would you like to add your house into the town? Do you have a shop that would look good in the castle or a dock? Send me your world map with the house/shop in it for me to add it in the build! I will add signs with your name in the house and in a note in the gamefiles :)
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Update #1 : 08/09/2020 6:06:21 amAug 9th

1) Added more detail to the tower
2) Added a Life Tree near the castle and farm to build a tree village
3) Currently working on a Ship for the docks... (I plan on having 4-5 different types of bigger ships and 6-7 types of smaller ships.
4) Adding Big Trees on the ocean for looks and appeal.
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